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bORN 1980. BLESSED with a blissful life & loved-ones. MARRIED to my soulmate.iN-LOVE with my tuscon. oBSESSED with matching colors. aDDICTED to food & fun. oVERWHELMED with 'crazy' teens. and...LEARNING to love every moment of this blessed life granted by God.

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Friday, November 16


Halo..halo! I've decided to start blogging again...Mainly because I do miss it. I do love to ramble on aimlessly you know and blogging is one of the only place and i can do so without someone rolling their eyes at me..saying here she goes again....Even if YOU (YES ....YOU there!!) are rolling your eyes at me right now...I CAN"T SEE YOU!! Hahah so that's why I luuuurve blogging. So what's new...after err...1 yr and 9 months 'unblogging'....lets see if there is anything new...??? (ok NOW you roll your eyes!!)

married.new car.new home(in-law's).new roles.new expectations.but still same OLD me!

I do feel OLD you noe...know that it's going to be the end of the year....i feel age catching up on me. Oh ya talking about feeling old...i physically felt old when I went to China recently....and got a taste of rheumatism...the weather was so cold that i felt my bones aching...and i had to sleep with 2 pairs of socks...haahaa!! Not to forget wrapped in my granny cardigans and granny thermals...yup..so i really felt that my body is too old to take such change it weather....anyway the trip was fun yet very tiring...i'll talk more about my china trip in due time ok! Stay tuned!

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Saturday, March 18

* entrepreneur *

Ok so once again...i've 'disappeared' from the blogging world. BUT i always come back..its just a matter of when...hehe! But this time round my disappearence is for a very good reason...was busy planning smthg important!! Ermm...nope not my wedding...(though that IS important!!!DUH!)...

Instead was bz being a small time entrepeneur!! He finally decided to set-up his own business ...and we were brainstorming on what TYPE of business.... And so after much planning...research and calculations...it came to a Transport & Delivery Company.. called Sparrow Tradework...stradework(for short) deals in house moving services to other types of delivery...Currently the company has invested in one lorry...but is expecting to venture into having more lorries...in due time... So anyone who needs house moving services etc...do get Sparrow Tradework's services ok!!
For more information visit our official

Sparrow Tradework©
Swift & efficient transport & delivery Anytime,Anywhere

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Tuesday, February 14

* With Love *

Today is Valentine's Day or Friendship Day....itz a day to celebrate ...ermm...love and friendship?? Was reminded of the lil' tradition me and my frenz had in JC...every valentine's day we would give one another a lil' something as a token of remembrance of our friendship....Now that we r bz and all...guess that tradition has long been forgotten...But nevertheless our friendship goes beyond traditions and such....
Well all these was because of the students in schl who were totally in the mood of celebrating valentine's day...and i kinda got caught up in the excitement..Cadbury chocolate company came down selling chocolates at HALF price..students were selling friendship bands ...flowers...and song dedications.....so with the mood on around the school...i had to do a lil' smthg for my dear valentine too...something simple and from the heat: a personalised bag and chocloates with hand written messages......but of course evryday seems like valentine's day with me...hehe...

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Wednesday, January 25

* surGar-HiGh *

Looks like I can struck one more item off by wedding TO-DO-LIST!! Found my wedding cake....or actually wedding cupcake!!..courtesy of supertalented-creative-ultimate sweetness Ms Ayu!!..(hehe...free promotion!). She has agreed to do my wedding cake ...and I can just drool looking at her lovely creations...So I 'kapo' some of her pics (hope u dun mind)...as a sneak preview of what mine might look like...But looking at the rate her creative juices are going...i think come Decemeber she'd come up with other wonderful ideas! So the colour theme n all have not been decided...GOSH!! I have totally no clue how I'd want my wedding theme to be like...so dat will have to wait...Meanwhile happy drooling!!

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Thursday, January 19

* *

Shahneffa's official bridesmaids cum wedding planners are all getting pretty excited....and honestly I am super excited too!!....so i was sourcing for THE "bridesmaid's guide" (since i have the perfect bride's guide) and VOILA!..... the bridesmaid.com to the rescue!!
So darlin gemZ time to start planning the design of ur bridesmaid's dress.....OOhh....u r all gg to look sooooooo pweety!!
There are tonnes of dress designs....of coz most r sleeveless...but can always add our own sleeve-designs...like we always do!! so here's a start...can even change the colors of the dress...super COOL!!!

so...yah...this is the official declaration of shahneffa's wedding planners cum bridemaids....Love u gemZ

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Tuesday, January 17

* the wedding fever begins *

Armed with A PERFECT BRIDE'S GUIDE....i started getting wedding crazy(if there is such a thing)...and partly thanx to the gemZ that is!!.....thus explains the slight change in layout and the new lists at the sidebar!! Hopefully making the blog into my wedding journal will help me plan out and organise all things associated with the BIG DAY not to forget thereafter.....
So this blog might just come alive again..... resuscitated from the dead...haha... So much to do that dear, organised-freak-cum-kiasu-bride-to-be ME just dunno where to start!! Panic attack!!....*takes deep breath*...*exhales*...*gets into yoga stretch position*....
No worries nothing the perfect-bride-to-be can't handle!!
Coz thanx to the PERFECT BRIDE'S GUIDE...there are tons of exercise & other tips to shape up and relax the perfect-bride-to-be..Monthly countdown to wedding planning and other bridal regimes!!*calmness*...alritey..time for me to catch some beauty sleep.....

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Monday, January 16

* Back...in 2006 *

Goodness....Gracious...me!! Have been AGES since i've updated.. Heard lots of complains about the RAYA song playing @ my blog eversince november...heheehe...sowee people!

I actually hv lots of pics to upload tau...Raya pics....sentosa outing with frenz pics...my bday pics w frenz....
Yupz2....my bday just passed...am 26 now...God tt sound so old....but i still feel like i'm still 18!! haha...My bday fell on raya haji dis yr....and this would be my last bday as a single lady!..tada!!! My darlin gemz... came up with this amazing collage of pics & other memorabilia...total SWEETness!!love IT and THEM to pieces!!

Then last Friday met up w dear frenz for a chocolate rendezvous @Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar..think the last time we all met up was during Raya...had a great time...hope to meet up with them again soon...maybe for a spa retreat @Harem??

The december hols whizz by so fast.....had sleepovers with the gemz (fun)...Afamosa trip (super fun)...*sigh*.....wish holidays last longer....

Anyway the countdown has begun.... my wedding date has been fixed 2nd & 3rd December 2006.....So about 10 months to go....i can feel the excitement already....*smiles*... Here are some of the pics i've uploaded....will upload more soon........


RAYA 2005


His feet & Mine

MY Bday

mY bDay Lilies..

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