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Thursday, September 30

* Once upon a time there was a ....blurty... *

Once before there were blogs there was A BLOG and before there was A BLOG there was A BLURTY.....And somewhere in this month of September exactly a year ago...the blurty was born.....

Lost?? What am i blabbering about...well only those close to me will know. Yupz i was inspired by a lil angel's entry to reminisce the past.....and some of jc's (secret code name for me and cuzs) interesting past is safely encrypted on the www thru' the blurty.

I gotta say the blurty captured lotsa memories...thoughts and incidences of our lives...and it did so ....so splendidly well....reading thru the entries is like reading thru a diary and it all seem so vivid .....the quotes...the poems...the outbursts...the sharing...the crying....all beautifully written and still safely kept there.....Even got CODE OF CONDUCT you noe...dun play2...not the forget the beginning of the craze for malay novels (YES...i actually read such novels kind u believe that)!!

This was one of the novels

I actually wanted to do a tribute to the blurty but .....there is soooo much i want to say that i cant put it all into words.....so lets just scrap that crappy idea...instead i'll highlight some interesting things that have been said or quoted......If you are not interested STOP READING HERE!!!

The official first
J_club dinner Saturday 20 sept 2003
Hey all jamz.....pls be informed of our dinner cum get-2gther dis dat 15/9!!!
YUPz...yupz me wont buih u galz again...also to get izzy's b'day present!!
For nurul n fatz...i noe u havin exams....But try to use dat time to DESTRESS!!! YEAH!

Kak effa @ PrinCeSS Jamz e FiRST

This is what was written to remind people to post entry:
Izzah and Fathiah....what happened???!!!Izzah ni melampau tau...macam tgh major exam gitu....fathiah n nurul...i fahamlaa...ni.????Biasa dier eh???!!!Buat apa tu?Mesti sibuk korek hingus tau!!!lols!!!...u cnt marah me eh....heheh!!our rule is tt we hv to receive criticism n all w open hrts n mind n soul...heheh!!!sooooo....if u tak nak kena label Minah Busy-KOrek-Hingus.....log on n write sumthing!!...anythinG!!!kkkk???

I'm talking nonsense now.......sorrie ya all.....tgh giler...to sign off....korek laa hingus tu ye!!


And when there is nothing IMPORTANT to say "lame" things like this are posted:
Lulu,ur blue pen w me..i think it's yours laa...i found it in my pencil case...noe its not Fathiah's...so got to be yours...think @ e airprt on Sun, while packing, me terambil ur pen....sorrie ye....tak sengaja tau!!!mana laa tau...nanti u think i despo sampaikan takder duit nak beli pen tt's y i took yours....heheh!!


One of the rare entries by THE japanese waitress at 3AM IN THE MORNING!!:
Hi Jamzzzz!! Gd morning!! I bet u all are sleeping your heads off!! At last i finished writing my essay.. alhamdullilah.. but i've not studied for my chem test tmr... hee..........................but i'll try my best to updater the journal frequently.. insya-allah.. Well, i guess that's all.. u all take care n enjoy the coming week.!!

~PriNcESs e 2nD~

And this entry: wah seh...constipated pun nak bilang org!!!
Hehe! I din go sch today cos got stomachache..like constipation haha!! Anyways, terperanjat I bila buka Blurt..punyelah belambak entries...haha! But it's good.. finally u all r actively logging in to our blurt. Even Nana!! Cool man...love u all!

♥PriNceSs è 3rd♥

And then when entries start decclining....here comes another warning:
Hey...u gals !! Mana korang smua...Asal only me n aton!!!! SENYAP je...dah mati gaknye...hahhahaha...Kalau e next time i come in...i dun see anyting frm e rest of u SIAP KAU!!!

And another one:
eh u all better log in n update. if not i will change the passsword. n dun tell u all. hahaha. evil laughter. I am MojoJojo. Haha. whoopee!! my a's coming means it's also going to finish. marks the end of my two yrs of stress in jc. am i happy? mixed feelings. sad. happy. relieved. scared. shrugs again. dunno la. okiez. gotta go. see ya peepz.

♥Princess NuruL♥

frust tertonggeng entry- the love-hate r/s between toons and the blurty:
stupid stupid stupid blurt!!!I type so much, but my entry is not recorded!!!!!!!Buat penat ajer.....*@!!!^%$#?"*%^&$&*@!!!**
anewae i dah malas nak type....type type n type, the pg tak kluar..sooooo irritating...........plus now it seems tt i'm e one who's logging in most often......n e nxt tym i log in.......my entries will be the last on............. ssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooo borrrrrrrinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!dah laaaaaaaaa....byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee

P.S: Hmm....No price for guessing who wrote this

Replying to frust tertonggeng entry....really trying hard to appease her anger hehe:
...........Secondly. aton pls dun get mad...n frustrated. It happened to me twice already when I wanted to update but somehow got page error n had to retype everything. Anyway...pls dun get mad about us not updating. I am really busy but i make it a point to update jugak pe...so dun get angry k...i try to ask izzah to update but u know now she having exams. So maybe after her exams i ask her to log in daily kie as a punishment...hehe.......ATON PLS DUN BE ANGRY....okie luv ya all

♥Princess Jamz è 3rd♥

Another frustrated entry- alamak ada racist sikit ler:
did i tell u i really hate my chief examiner. perut dahlah macam tabla, keling pulak tu, punyalah cerewet(tak baik eh bulan puasa cakap orang mcm gitu). astaghfirullahalazim.bayak2 mengucap dan bersabar, fathiah. u noe what, he's so particular. boleh lagi complain kat pur discipline mistress that some girls have long fingernails and it's not good examination conduct and bla bla bla. come onlah, it's only the stupid, freaking fingernails..itu pun nak kecoh2. gila punya tabla.

dahlah i guess i better stop..kalau tak batal my puasa nanti complain kan si tabla tu. bye


Entry by murid melayu mithali
heylo ku ucapkan kepada semua rakan-rakan sejambu ku sekalian.. =)
pada hari ini, saya ingin cuba untuk menulis kemasukan(entry) ini dalam bahasa melayu. saya membuat sebegini bukan kerana peperiksaan melayu saya yang akan datang tetapi kerana saya tidak ada kerja lain dan ingin membuat sesuatu yang menggunakan akal.=)

This was my "thank you" entry to mua cuzs...*sob*sob*
I realised dat i didnt thank u gals enuff...so here i'll like to say THANK YOU...for all dat u hv given me!!! I dcided to write dis here...so dat in time to come all these will be kept in e blurty.(as e blurty is never deleted)..as a reminder...of all dat u gals hv done 4 me...(i'm all teary-eyed already)...

An interesting suggestion-which SHOULD be put into action:
Hmmm....you noe, this blurty entries, we should one day make a book out of it. Haha! It can be titled, J Club: Our Life Story.......


Menjelang Ramdan entry- By ustazah toons:
Menjelang Ramadhan ini, I want us to like, well, get into e mood...heheh!!so, you gals can like, post anything good within that period, u noe, like amalan2 yg bagus untuk dibuat, quotes, stories on bulan mulia n stuffs like tt...or can post lyrics of songs....to start off, this is the lyrics of RaIHAN....love this song !!!- - -Aton

Ok this is the last one for now...guess this mite have been the starter for the BLOG CRAZE...ehhh cukanye dia:
Eh guess wat! I was surfing the net n came across dis girl’s blog page. Wahh! Lawa giilla tau! So now, I really think we shld use blogspot. Hehe! Even though it may be hard, dat makes it more challenging & satisfactory when we have it all decorated. Oooh!! Tak sabar! Well, dis woman she even has lagu Siti Nurhaliza – Bukan Cinta Biasa in da background. And den she has this thing dat whenever she posts an entry, on the top, got put Bismillah....u know. So cool man! Den we can also put like religion stuffs like the sunats we should do etc. Haii!! It was so nice. Maybe one day I shall show u her blog page.


There are so so many more i want to highlight here...esp entries on arwah tok...hmmm i think i'll save that for another day.....i'll end with this entry by toons:
I'm glad there's Blurt. Like Kak Effa said, this things cant be erased...I hope when we grow old, we can look back at our entries and reminiscent on those lovely times(we'l be old-techno-savvy jambu grannies)...So this Blurt will be like, our hearts and memories...

May the blurty rest in peace

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Wednesday, September 29

* .....without ever knowing the way..... *

Do you know how scary it feels to be so dependent on someone....its like without that person around you feel so lost and incomplete....Its not to make it sound pathetic but it really is a scary feeling ....and I so....hate to be scared. I've always believed myself to be an "independent woman" ....one who always have a strong grasp of her own emotions. But after being with someone and sharing almost everything together year after year....it builds a special bond that is so strong and sacred...
But it's a good thing to have some time off each other....to have our own personal time for reflections....It makes me appreciate the better things in life and makes me "see the light" if you know what I mean....
There are so many plans and dreams that I'm working towards and I can only pray that GOD gives me the strength to go thru' it all....
Honestly I can't wait for the fasting month to come....it never fails to make me feel calm and @peace with myself and it helps keep me focus of my aim in life....
I have to admit that I'm a material girl....well...living in a material world (pun intended)....always talking about the big $$M word and all the material things in life....and I'm constantly struggling in the rat race trying to come to terms with my out-of-the-world expectations in life....
But I don't want to be going on without ever knowing the way....
That's why times like this helps me find my way again....

Of course it would seem perfect to lead a life
walking on a road all paved with gold....
Where its always summer and i'll never feel cold....
To never get hungry and grey and old....
But I believe it's the struggles and hardships we overcome that makes us a better person
And its through this challenges that HE will bestow upon us his blessings....
cause who ever said that the journey of life is a bed of roses....
There is a bigger picture we often fail to see....more than what life on this world could offer....
and sadly ...I'm also one of those blinded by that road paved with gold....
and going without ever knowing the way....
And i don't want to be those whose shadows wandering off somewhere
Who won't make it home but really don't care
Who wanted the highway
Who're happy there only today

My only hope is that HE will never leave me going without ever knowing the way...so that I could exit this world to a life of eternal summer slacking in the thereafter...
And not just today

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* Dreaming of you tonite *

For the past week or so, I have been going house crazy or more accurately condominum crazy!! Went to a few showflats and I fell in luuurve with the design and deco!! Bathrooms like 5-star hotels.....must-have bay windows and of course a walk-in wadrobe...*dreams*

Even managed to snap a foto w local celebs....

Us with Pan Lingling (tcs8 actress) &hubby
I've been dreaming of the condo...sigh....wish my dream wld come true...
Guess i'll be dreaming of it again but also of him coz he has left for his solitary getaway to bintan *sob*sob*...It sure gets lonely with no one to talk to at night...anyways lights off soon.....and i'm off to dreamland....

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Tuesday, September 28

* .....Secrets Revealed.... *

You wanna know whats the secret of staying..looking young? Apart from enjoying total relaxation and having a no-stress life...you should hang around with people who are much....much younger... So thats what i did...with my darling cuzzins of course. Hanging out with them really makes me feel and ?look? younger...Managed to influence them to be future tai-tai-wannabes too when i brought them to the "exclusive" spa as guests. It was interesting when the lady at the spa thought we were all friends!! Haha...either they look "mature" or most probably I look "young"..
We had a jolly good time soaking ourselves in the jacuzzi..

Talking about anyting and everything...basically just bonding..and catching up.
Topics discussed ranged from hair..."bermuda triangles" or the non-existance of these mysterious wonders of nature...*wink*
to more tai-tai like pastimes: HOLIDAY TRIPS...
Oh ya by the way there is a japanese waitress serving tea @the spa talk about excellent service!!!

Waitress:Nanako SuKkocucimata serving tea to Atuuni Kurusii & Lulu Hiroku Amirtakasi

We left for a late lunch somewhere where the view is breath-taking and the air so fresh and cool u'll feel like there is an "air-con" somewhere around...*grins*

The day ended of course ended with the ever spontaneous sleepover @my plc.....armed with ben&jerrys and chips we watched labamba (believe it or not these gerls hv never watched the movie)...just shows which era they are from....which brings me back to my first point:
The secret of eternal youth is to have darling cuzzins like them

here for full album

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Monday, September 20

* Strawberrries & Chocz *

Since i've been quite free & relax in "tai-tai" heaven recently...i've decided to do some "experimenting".....with chocz and strawberries.....Actually i was inspired by this chocolate shop at PP dat sells chocolate-coated strawberries....for a freaking dollar each!!! Daylite robbery...!!
But he couldnt resist looking @ my "pathetic look"...drooling over those delicously sinful strawberries on display....so i did get a taste that very expensive chocoloate-coated berries.....
But felt driven to try it out on my own...so armed with fresh strawberries from cold storage & and Mr Hersheys....i started my "experiment"...

VERDICT: It wasn't easy melting e choc to e right consistency...and I had a bit of problem figuring out how to properly coat e strawberries....ok the outlook isnt totally "professional"...But e taste is exquisite!!

In all spent about $10 at got 2 dozen coated strawberries....Not bad huh...at this rate of saving & scrouging i can really one day save enough money to lead a blissed life in "tai-tai heaven".......and she continues dreaming

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Sunday, September 19

* I'm in "Tai-tai" heaven *

Remember what I said about my latest tai-tai wannabe pastime??? Yes the one about pampering myelf with facial...massages and spa treatments....It really is something else to be treated like a "queen".....and having all ur needs taken care of...with the scent of aromatherapy oil in the air...

I could do these everyday man....and just slack...and relax..That's the way to enjoy the pleasures in life!! But *snap fingers*...WAKE UP....!! The real world is more than all these....ermm...probably the idea of doing nothing seems enticing..But i foresee that i "might" eventually get bored...hmmm...or maybe not...But whatever it is i believe too much of anything is never good....So i'll be happy with these little luxuries i get to enjoy now and then.
But it sure does burn a whole in my pocket...eh wait a minute i DON'T keep money in my pocket leh...hheehe...

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Saturday, September 18

* When i look into your eyes....... *

The song *melts*....the lyrics and memories *melts*......sylvester singing the song *double melts*....sigh...luuurve this song....another one of the songs that will be included in my wedding album....

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Thursday, September 16

* .....updates.... *

Why have i been missing?? No apparent reason...just didnt feel like blogging for while....As most of u all would noe by now i have a TWO DAY week....yippee...Back in NIE for my last semester now...and boy am i delighted dat i now have to travelall the way to boon lay only twice a week...Leaves me more time to indulge in my new "tai-tai wannabe" hobby....going for facial and spa...YES believe it or not I'm a member of two spa/beauty company...Haach and B.E spa(newly opened @ tamp)...well...it really feels good to be pampered & treated like a "queen"......sigh.....ok...i 'll leave updates of these for another day k....

Anyways celebrated e end of my Practicum together with my darling cuzzin izzie's b'day...And i did that by cookingup a pasta storm at her kitchen (kononnye b'day party food)....

Went for dessert @Gelare...and it was time for presents....

There is such thing as a GAZILLION afterall....Blow bubbles time
And guess who else joined in the PARTY....

So that wraps up the september babytreat...though there will be another september baby b'day celebration coming soon...*winks*....

My darling cuzzins....

click here for full album

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Sunday, September 5

* Me,he & chappati *

Saturday is really NOT a day to go out...coz everyone else is..So u'll be stuck in traffic jams...human jams...queue jams etc...Can be really frustrating. My simple quest to get a new flashdrive turned out to me a stifling one that got us caught in a mass of keen shoppers esp since we were at Mustafa centre...Phew...fening-lalat man!!
Niwaes since we were @Serangoon..he was reminded of this chappati shop his late father used to bring him...But he couldnt really remember the name of the shop or its location...Oh ya but he did remember this crucial info..its located @ the corner of a row of shophouses!! As u noe in serangoon there are rows n rows of shop houses at every other corner...But there got to be just one chappati shop located at a corner right?? So as we were searching for e shop going in n out of the tiny packed lanes of serangoon (not to mention bapok-packed)...we came across an interesting shop at one of the corners...

What a name for a shop hehehe...!!!

But we finally found the chappati shop...and had a great time savouring the traditional food of our great great..... ancestors..!!!!!

The chappati was soft and hot and the keema...errmmm power (very the hot)!!!

Skali2 makan tepi jalan best jugak......it was definitely finger-licking good and will really make u feel superfull(so full of carbo mah)...Though it was a teeny weeny bit too hot for mua's taste buds.......it will leave u gasping for more....(and also for WATER)!!

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Wednesday, September 1


B'day Bash @Hyatt


31st Aug marks a a day when a little baby boy was born....a baby who "almost" wasnt conceived as his conception was unplanned...or wat u call "accidental"..But humans can only plan but God is the one who decides to give life....And so my little brother was born on the very special day..(only that he is not so "little" anymore...)

B'day boy

He is someone of strong character...very determined when he puts his heart & soul into something..but has that soft-side of him only those close to him sees (esp w little kittens..and little kids)...He can be quite an irritant...like all "small" brothers are...He never fails to mess up my bed and sits in my room talking to me abt his work (NS)...his dreams (mitsubishi EVO)....and he can go on and on...(kuat berangan jugak budak ni). And being the mean sister that i am (no lah not so mean) *grins*..sometimes i'll cut him in the middle of the sentence and go "Giller ah....balik je masuk bilik orang abis serakkan katil!!!!!!" hehehehe.....but his rambling wont just stop there....If i refuse to answer his qs he will go "Kak...kak..kak....kak....kak...kalau kau tak cakap..i'll con't..kak.....kak......................................" YES thats how irritating he can be hiakz...hiakz...But i lurve him all e same. It's sweet to see how he and shah click so well...given that e age gap between he and his own elder brother is a freaking 8yrs!! Anyways here's wishing my "baby" brother a Happy 20th Birthday!!...

Since i'm such a wonderful sister...*ahem* (go in basket carry myself)Brought him to Hyatt Regency @JB for the b'day dinner celebration...It was full of stupid jokes and silly antics esp by b'day boy and "b'day boy wannabe"!!! Check out the pics k....

Guess...what the 3pics have in common???

Click here to find out

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