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Saturday, July 31


A Gazillion first dates


I've finally watched the much hyped about movie (esp by my cuzs): 50 first dates....And yupz i was like all "uuuu" and "aaawwww"......coz its so sweet!! Its one of the best romantic comedy that will surely get u "teary-eyed"! For those who have not seen it yet ...(hallo! where have u been!!)..anyway The movie is about Lucy, who lost her short term memory ...so when Henry fell in love with her and hook up with her today...she'll forget she ever knew him the very next day!! So he has to come up with ways to make her fall in luv with him all over again every day.....!!!! Which makes me think " what will it feel like to fall in love all over again every time u meet...every other day"??
So i asked the "soalan cepu emas" to him....
Me: Hmm..so sweet right what Henry did...*sigh*..so sweet...
If i had short term memory and u were to make me fall in love w u all over again every day...Wonder how that will feel??.....(with the *gazed* look)

Him: I know how it feels (giving a sheepish grin)...coz everyday i feel that i'm falling in love with you all over again..


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Wednesday, July 28


Me , Myself and My DARN PRACTICUM!!


I'm swamped with lesson plans and more lesson plans...thank god i only have 12 teaching periods. But that means higher expectations in my lesson preparations (more time to prepare what). Will be having a total of 8 formal observations: 2 from my NIE supervisor, 3 from my bio CT and 3 from chem CT...wah seh...so stress..And i'm stuck in this tteacher training room which is empty and full of OLD computers that can die on me anytime!!! To top that there is only one imac (btw e entire school runs on macintosh)...so me and the other trainie have to "fight" for e mac!!! It doesnt help that the platform of e pc and mac is different...so when i prepare ppt slides on e pc....got to edit it to make sure it works on e mac!! DOUBLE WORK!!! Argggh.....weeken come quick!!!

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Tuesday, July 27


Back from a Gazillion years..........


Finally, a gazillion years has past and here I am back in the blog world!! Not that i've been anywhere much in the past gazillion year or so...Only the mundane routine to and fro my practicum school..... Maris Stella High....I tell you the school is a like  planet on its own..... with its own kind of species (looks like monkeys....makes sounds like a hyena....but behaves much worse)...yes and the journey there takes about a gazillion light yrs mind you...So that explains my "disappearence"....Thanx to my darling cuzs for missing me...i miss u all soooo much too....how much????  GAZILLIONS!!!! I'll meet u all dis saturday k....for the cultural show...rite?? Then we can talk about a gazillion things and update ourselves with gazillion of stories..........and of coz have gazillions and gazillions of fun and laughter!!

Anyway This was the little entry my darling cuzs had for me.....


Missing: Miss Nazeefah Mansor
a.k.a Kak Efah Senget
a.k.a Chief of the Jamz

MIA since Wednesday, 14th of July.
Greatly missed by her darling cuzzins.
(Read: Nana, Lulu, Toonie, Izzie, Fatz & Ora.)
We miss her Baby Aragorn...
Her canon ixus...
Her baby doll perfume...
And of course...We miss her too.


We have totally lost contact with her.
No sms, no phone calls...
And even no blog updates!!!
Now, it's totally getting more & more serious...

*more sobbing*

"Kak Efah darling senget...
If you are reading this,
Pls tag me to at least let us know you are all well.
We miss you so much during your absence...
That we even made up stupid poses to take pics of.
But only when we find u...
Then we can all do the stupid silly poses & smile for the camera.
Now, you can't bear to dissappoint the camera...can you??"

This is a pic of our darlin Kak Efah:

*more uncontrollable sobbing*

Any information on her whereabouts...
Pls contact Miss Lulu asap.
Thank you for your co-operation.

P.S: wonder if there is actually a gazillion in the maths world??? MATHS checher?????

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Wednesday, July 14


Kids' day out


Ya..ya...I know i should have updated this a long time ago! But was waiting for some more pics frm another camera to be uploaded.....well...better late than never! Btw some fotos still not included here yet...what fotos??? Fotos of ME of course!!! haha..No lah..sek muka aku je mesti muak gaknye...hehe! Ok quick and brief: Brought my two cute cuzzins out during the youth day holiday...(with some youths of course..kata Youths' day)

1st stop: Lunch at McDonalds
They so lurrrve to eat....no wonder si nash pipi tembam....so cute! Check out his lashes and "cool" pose....
One thing abt kids ;they have a fascination with fizzy drinks!Can't get enough of coke these kids...

2nd stop: Downtown east Kids explorer
Due to the bad weather we had to go indoors...so found a nice indoor kids playground at downtown east....Notice some BIG kids playing around too!!! *smiles*

3rd stop: Pasir Ris Playground
The ever-popular big and FREE playground that makes the kids go WILD....I'm really amazed at e zest and energy they have playing non-stop...watching them already makes me tired....pics here will be posted soon...keep a look out

By the way with all the talk of youths and kids....I'm having my fair share of "kiddish youths" now that i'm back in Maris Stella High for my practicum!! So will be bz....but will update anything interesting as often as i can..Hmm wonder will that be happening??!!

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Saturday, July 3


Youths' Day


It was *ahem* youth's day yesterday..and according to the United nations' definition, youth is defined as people between age 15-24 (inclusive)emmm...dat means its officially by last yr as a youth!!!
While another dictionary i quote defines:
youth - the time of life between childhood and maturity or youth - early maturity (age 13-21); the state of being young or immature or inexperienced ...
And in some countries like Italy or so i heard...
A youth is anyone below 40yrs old!!!...So whatever definiton that suits u..this is a day for u too..and I ...being the youthful...youth *ahem* that I am...had to join in the celebration. So like what other youngsters do...on a saturday..i hung out @ the Youth Park...You can tell how I simply blend in with all these young kids, what more with the book fair and talentime going on @the park...
By the way, went there with three other youths..the true blue ones ..the ones still donning school uniforms mind u...and still bounded by that set of sentences that tells u how to behave...what do u call that...oh ya school rules! Then, I indulged myself in a serving of sinful...cold...sweet..fattening crepes with ice cream...you know, the staple food of youths'...the very nutritious junk and nonsense!!

...of course like all other "growing" youths (those that eat and eat and stay skinny)...i'm hoping that whatever fats I take in, will all just leave my body w/o a trace...(and so i am hoping...very hard)...Then there is the usual dose of youthful giggles and laughter...and "boy-watching"...and plenty of foto taking...all around orchard or by another name the youths' "port" or meeting ground...where they blend and mix with hundreds of others of the same kind...walking around, aimlessly....giggling, laughing..boy or girl watching...and more foto-taking....Of course had to end the day with a good hearty dinner of meat-on-a stick-burnt-over-charcoal (aka satay) and bread-smeared-with-egg-and-diced-meat soaked with oil(aka roti john)! So as they say...there will always be a kid in everyone of us....i think there will always be a youth stuck there somewhere in me...

here for full album

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Baby Talk


In light of just watching Spiderman2...i was reminded of the cute spidey junior i know...this little two yr old is such an adorable darling...he would whip up his hands ala spiderman and pretend to shoot out spidey-web at you when he is angry... going *whooosh*whooosh* with his determined and semangat face...hehe..so hilarious and extremely cute....He poses for the camera like a girl would...and will go crazy when he sees his little pic on the LCD screen of my digicam....he goes "eh ...nash!!*giggle*giggle*..!Then in his excitement...and boys being boys...(they'd grope and grab something they really fancy!! hehe) he would try grabbing the camera out of my hands...and i would go (step mak tiri) "Hepp...tengok je tak leh pegang!!*.... Not even this cutie can have his way with my precious...haha...Striking a decent conversation with him...*phew* ..have to understand his pelatness....this was an interesting one i had on the trip to bukit tinggi:

baby Nash: (looking at the two big kids behind him) Abang ada anpon...
Me: (huh??!!) oo..handphone...nash takde anpon?? (hehe...tak pasal2 aku lak pelat)
baby Nash: akde..! (takde)
Me: Nash suruh papa beli lah....( pandai2 je ajar budak ni..hehe)
baby Nash: nyanti papa awa....(with a sad face & fluttering his superlong lashes)
Me: (scratches head...??)...oo...nanti papa marah nash..??( papa dia pun budak cute-cute gini pun nak marah..ish...ish...)
baby Nash: ah...nyanti papa awa...
Me: Nash beli sendiri lah anpon (what a nonsensical idea!)
baby Nash: tak leh....takde wait...(takde duit)
Me: Nanti Nash dah besar..nash work,ada wait..beli anpon sendiri k?? (ahem..trying to instill moral values..haha)
baby Nash: takleh......
Me: (BUT WHY!!!??...this kid is complex!)...napa?
baby Nash: nak kasi uda..(huda is his 9mnths old baby sis)
Me: nak kasi huda?? buat apa?? .. (dah lah tu budak nak niat baik apa nak tanye2 lagi)
baby Nash: eli ubur.....
Me: (????)...eli ubur??? eli ubur tu apa??
baby Nash: ELI UBUR UDA!!!
Me: OOOO...BELI BUBUR HUDA....(awwwww....so tute....melts....!!)

Wish he was my kid....I can go on and on talking to him without getting bored..only that he'd probably fall asleep on me...must be thinking ...dekni banyak sangat soal lah!!should just fall asleep...its so amazing to learn how innocent and pure his thoughts are...while my evil thoughts are ..*aku nak kidnap budak ni!*

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Thursday, July 1


HIS craving...


OOpps i did it again...went to Jb and this time, it was his beckoning and calling. He so wanted to eat the nasi padang at the city square food court...NASI PADANG??? of all things to craze for....hehe! Well that's the way it is with us...he's a rice kinda person and me anything but rice...Anyways Mr Fitness Instructor also has a thing for "makanan segera" esp the ones in johor...no not e fastfood outlets like mac donald's ..kfc etc (though he lurves them too)...but fastfood malaysian style..with packed..ready-to-grab nasi lemak..nasi goreng and other local delicacies...He also managed to gobble down a 20 bit-sized pieces of dunkin donuts....

...Later at night we caught the 9pm opening of Spiderman2....with my cuzs and bro...quite funny i must say...got to watch it to noe....but overall not too bad..Anyway before the movie..he was busy thinking of getting a set of nachos all for himself....but i had to stop him..and keep away his itchy hands from grabbing those unhealthy...salty junk..(not after all e junk he has eaten)....this hungry monster needs control... .I daresay he is the unhealthiest fitness instructor around...with all the junk he eats...how he maintains his weight and physic is a wonder...probably having access to the gym EVERYDAY answers the qs...

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