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bORN 1980. BLESSED with a blissful life & loved-ones. MARRIED to my soulmate.iN-LOVE with my tuscon. oBSESSED with matching colors. aDDICTED to food & fun. oVERWHELMED with 'crazy' teens. and...LEARNING to love every moment of this blessed life granted by God.

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Tuesday, December 30

* *

a pic of me & nana

:: shares a beautiful moment :: @ 11:28:00 PM

* It has come to me on my birthday...it is mine...my own...my precious *

Finally signed all e important papers for my car. Will be getting it latest on my b'day next saturday...Yipee...Have been downloading songs to burn for my entertainment in e car...even bought a cd wallet to store all my favourite cds...This is my most valued & expensive possession ever...& i'm going to take real good care of my darling colt. When i went to e Alexandera showroom to sign the papers..i was fumbling around the display cars...and my sales rep..steven...said i looked so excited..hehe.Felt like a child who cant wait to get a toy she really wants.

Well patience gerl...once it comes...it will be mine...my own..my precious.....

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Sunday, December 28

* ........HOME SWEET HOME......... *

I'm finally back home..been spending the last few days "cramping-out" at my cuzins' place...So now my body is aching all over due to sleeping in akward positions haha..Can u imagine 7 pple sleeping on 1 queen size bed??? Yup, that was what we did..crazy huh!!...To add to that we hardly had any peaceful sleep coz we stayed up the whole nite & only slept about 6am every morning!Really upset my sleeping-cycle man..missed my afternoon naps...
We played lots of silly, primary schl games like whacko,twister,bluff, telephone-line, pepsi-cola and many more..Kinda felt like a camp..haha. And i was the facilitator!! But Gotta say i enjoyed myself, despite sm minor glitches & a very interesting experience that happened the last nite...Hmm, i wont go into details about that..all i can say that it was quite a ghostly experience!(*shivers*)

Basically i've been spending my hols bumming around, thus going to NIE is not smthg i'm looking forward to. Still hv a week left,guess i'll be spending it with shah (if he can spare e time *wink*!) & perhaps frenz..We'll see about that..meanwhile going to catch up on my beauty sleep, in the comfort of my VERY comfty bed with my beloved pillows...ZZZZZZZzzzz.....

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Saturday, December 27


ARAGORN.....My Hero...Forever...!


OMIGOD...OMIGOD!! I watched Lord of the Ring-Return Of The King..a few hours ago..And i'm totally...totally hooked..It is such a perfect story...No complains from me at all (sorry critics!)....I still can't get over how charismaric Aragorn is....Aragorn ..MY HERO (oops shah *wink*)...Gotta say Aragorns' character together with the actor...is so WOW...I was never a LOTR fan...until my dear2 cuzins got me hooked. Esp after e movie marathon on Thursday.

I'm now officially a true blue LOTR fan...& also Aragorns' die-hard fan.Woohoo....hehe.*wink*wink*!!!You got to watch it all...all three movies to see where i'm coming from... Honestly the whole cast & all the characters play a crucial role in making this movie PERFECT! Frodo...Sam...Merry...Pippins are also my favourites....."You don't bow to me ...my friends" says Aragorn (when he was crowned the King.....& he got on his knees & bowed to the four HOBBITS..& all his people followed suit.....).That was a tear-jerking moment...I coulnt control my tears...SOB!SOB! Oh well..this wont be the last you hear from me about this..........Meanwhile i'll leave you with this...The Return of the King...Aragorn......

[Addressing his troops before battle]

Aragorn: I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Men fail... when we forsake our friends, and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. This day, we fight!

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Thursday, December 25




Forgot that today was a public holiday & christmas...To all christians out there..Merry Christmas... Its a good think i & cuz did not decide to go out today..bet its gonna be packed out there...So spent e time lazing around. Tonite we will be watching e Lord of e Rings movie marathon...the part 1 & 2...This is to refresh out memories & get pscyhed up for the Return of the King tomorrow...i heard it was a 31/2 hour show...so mentally prepared to empty my bladder before the movie...

Going to cook pasta tonite with them...so can eat while watching the vcds...adios...

:: shares a beautiful moment :: @ 6:54:00 PM

* NOT at home *

At nuruls' place now...Just had a nite of fun & laughter...We had mass crying session...highlighting of hair...cracking silly jokes...playing dumb sleepover games...n many more!! In e midst of all dat...at 3am we had a pig-out session, eating up leftovers of kuih raya...Lulu & izzy even had a plate of rice each..Ish...ishh...Its a wonder how this gerls maintain their EXTREMELY slim figures..hahaa!

By about 4.30am we were already very tired...but forced ourselves to stay awake..coz once we slept..we would definitely miss subuh...Finally we slept after subuh prayers...
I had to sleep on e bed w ith Miss Lulu...who by e way sleeps all curled-up like a prawn...so u can imagine the space she took up..& wat was left for me!! hehee...But i got a good nites sleep afterall....Zzzz.....

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Wednesday, December 24

* I WISH UPON ....$500 cash prize! *

I won...i won..!! $500 cash price from mitusbihi motors bi-weekly draw. Alhamdulilah...Phew..what a lucky streak..Have never won any lucky draw before..I can only collect e cash after i get my car though...but no rush...no rush...Going to give my family a treat..esp my mum& dad as without their contribution...i won't even be getting e car..what more win the cash prize!!! The rest of the money...i will keep...To add to my savings....

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Tuesday, December 23

* What to do...on a boring nite??? *

I just finished watching movie American Sweethearts on HBO, now feeling kinda bored. Don't know what to do...I'll be sleeping over at my cuzins place the next few days...Sort of a slumber party cum pig-out & makeovers...Sounds very teenage-like doesnt it?? Think i've not outgrown dat period of life yet..Niways hanging around with them keep me young at heart..N also as an escapade from any problems dat i face...lurve them.
I've been trying hard to control myself from spending my bonus money...& so far so good...Just now when i went to town with my aunt, she was going wild on shoes...think she bought FOUR pairs...I was itching to spend my money too....but had self-control...If i am consciously aware of the need to save, i realise that i'm able to stop myself from buying unnecessary stuffs...(BUt SHOES are NECESSARY!!)...hehe. Niwae traffic in town was horrible...there was heavy traffic everywhere..as people were out for last minute christmas shoping i guess.

Have you ever felt totally...totally bored,where you dont know wat to do? Thats y. i'm blabbering on & on here..bear with me people. This reminds me...perhaps i should fiddle with my canon ixus..n figure out y my pics are blur...dat would keep me occupied..haha..Whatever....

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* Wedding & High tea *


Past few days have been quite hectic. Some major things happened.But insyallah alls fine now. At least thats what i feel.
Anyway over the weekend, an old friend tied-e-knot. And it was a rather grand affair with e wedding dinner held Pan Pacific ballroom. He is actually shahs' good buddy since primary school....n now a married man. CONGRATULATIONS.
As usual weddings make me kinda emotional hehe. Its really wonderful to see two people so in love get married. Its like their accomplishment & happiness is spread round the room..sending vibes to all of us there..By the way the food was fabulous...a 10-course dinner..WOW..WOW..halfway through the course we were already so FULL!!

After a nite of eating....today i went out with my aunt for high tea at royal plaza scotts...the food was great too...but i couldnt eat much as yesterdays' food was still filled-up in my stomach. Had a great talk with her....she's a great company to be with...Also the food was on her...so double joy man!! After this i'm not going to splurge on food anymore...Self-control effa!!! But alas...tomorrow i'm going over to nuruls' place for a 'pre-christmas" dinner...HAi....more eating in store for me...ish..ish....

High-tea..... click on fotos for more

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Monday, December 22

* Change in blog address....take note *

Have not been updating for the past few days..Some major things have happened which i wont bother to explain here...Jus hanging on and hoping all will go well... Niwaes if u are here...means u are aware of e change in website adress...so take note.k? For people who noe who they r....thanx for giving me your support & encouragement...time n time again...i'll post sm pics later....

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* Good news...early in the morning!!! *

NEWS...NEWS!! Just got a call from my car dealer..I got my COE on e first bidding!ALHAMDULILAH! Also my bank loan has been approved.Yipee...

Now to wait to get my car..will be getting it the 1st week of Jan...its like a b'day present...kind of...one dat i hv to pay myself too...hahaha...But no complains.Glad that my parents was willing to put down 15% down payment..ALHAMDULILAH once again...

Its amazing how quickly the year 2003 went by....I felt dat it was just not too long ago when i met w an accident...n dat really put the year to a bad start. So many things happened along the way...most of it good that is....

Let me count my blessings:

1) Finally graduated from NUS
2) Got accepted as contract teacher
3) Good reports from HOD frm MSH thus got accepted into NIE for the JANUARY intake
4) My family's support of my long-termed r/s
5) Getting my OWN car...my darling colt!!
and many2 more....

Hmm...quite a year isnt it...Well i'm glad dat it is ending of well...n opening up a new,unknown path for me next year... But i'm looking foward to more challenges...My year has made me stronger & make me believe that everything happens for a reason...even went it hurts you. One thing i've learnt...you never know what the future holds...treasure the moments...

a glimpse of a colt

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* First posting.... *

Hey they all....Phew!! Finally i got dis blog done...Now i noe e hardwork it takes to create a blog...Well mine is just a simple one...mainly to share w u all watz up w my life..........So do enjoy wats here..N feel free to comment n keep in touch k...
ANYway...yesterday me n my frenz had a TURKEY dinner gathering..check it out!! It was quite chaotic..considering it was held in a "foreign territory"....well, actualy was at effe's bfren's place...(lukman)! So we gals felt weird..messing around the kitchen. The turkey was ok...didnt noe dat it was chilled though(dat created more chaos)...there were salad,spagetti n root beer float to go along w it..
After all that we had a "funny" game of WHACKO!!...Certainly brought back memories of playing WHACKO during my schl days!! It was hilarious!! As usual we ended the day with a group foto...dat wrapped things up!!

Turkey dinner..click on pics for more..!!


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