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bORN 1980. BLESSED with a blissful life & loved-ones. MARRIED to my soulmate.iN-LOVE with my tuscon. oBSESSED with matching colors. aDDICTED to food & fun. oVERWHELMED with 'crazy' teens. and...LEARNING to love every moment of this blessed life granted by God.

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Saturday, February 19

* APM-nite *

Firstly HAPPY BELATED BDAY to lulu...!!! Finally the gemz got together to celebrate miss lulu's bday AND we....watched APM together...screaming n shouting ...esp at Peter Pan *ahem*....

Wished c.t nurhaliza sang more songs.....miss hearing her sing live.....and melly...GOD u r so huge.....k.dayanti..wat can i say reincarnated as barbie doll......r.sarip....relax beach boy-man....spider-rockz but disappointingly..MIA...sarah/adi/shanty....hilarious & what great chemistry..saiful apek-super-multi-talented dude......Us Gemz....totally fanatic & "mabuk" APM.....(though didnt get to go and watch it live....the atmosphere at lulu's crib was super hot n filled with fanatic screams n shrills..Wohoo!).....haha...
n Of coz we were armed with goodies like delish chocz cake and soft-creaming cheese cake.... to complete the party!!

Presented bday gal with a dozen roses...and other gifts which I hope she luuurvvee.. Well we noe she will!!..No pics coz forgetful me left my ixus....kesian dah di anak-tirikan ixus ku itu....hiakz....hiakz..

But maybe later I kapoh the pics from bday gal's blog...bolehkan lulu kan...kan...kan???
Oklah just wanted to change the song on my blog....luurve this song n voice...rock never dies...

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Monday, February 14

* *

To all the people I love ......you know who you are..

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Sunday, February 13

* The one with flowers...cakes & chocolates *

You must be thinking WOW what a treat....probably an advance Valentines' Day surprise..Yeah,I wish....
Well...more excitingly, they're all for my good fren's engagement-"hantaran" stuffs.....
Era finally got engaged on her bday....and 2 days b4 Valentines' day....(Oh ya btw....the flowers cost a bomb man!!). We got her more bling-bling to go with her new bling-ring!

More gifts from him to her....and her to him......

I so love engagements & weddings.... can't wait for mine....*dreamz*.... So happy that finally she is a step closer to building a new future.... So many of my frenz are already married and with children....and i can just hear my biological clock ticking its way.........So what do you do when you so want to get married but not anyway there yet????

Take pictures with the "bride-to-be" & try to grab that bouquet off her hands!!haha!!*evil laugh*

Congratulations and may all your dreamz come true gal.....

here for full album

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Saturday, February 12

* The things I like *

It's been a while since I could do/have the things I like....Like lazing about...going out mindlessly...having a shopping spree...and the list goes on.

Didn't even have time to blog anymore...and that I SO like..! But recently he surprised me with something I've always liked but never had.....

I know its so typical and cheesy...but always wanted chocolates that came in a red heart box!! And i got my treat...that totally made my day...plus the chocz were chocolicious...thanx...*wink*

Next on my "things-I-like" list is none other than watching a FREE romantic comedy..... and I got that to!!
...And again it was something I've always liked but never had the chance to do.....

Yes...finally a drive-in movie! Screening 50 First Dates....and yes...its free...wooohooo..
Its these small....little things that help add colour to my now mundane life....

Till next time....

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