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bORN 1980. BLESSED with a blissful life & loved-ones. MARRIED to my soulmate.iN-LOVE with my tuscon. oBSESSED with matching colors. aDDICTED to food & fun. oVERWHELMED with 'crazy' teens. and...LEARNING to love every moment of this blessed life granted by God.

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Monday, August 30




Gotta to share this piece of good news....He got a promotion...twice within about a year..how about that!!Alhamdulilah...Proud of this baby..Even got a full sponsorship for his diploma course...All his hardwork and dedication not gone to waste....Well he is afterall the reknowned Mr Keppel Club....who doesnt know "mr fofular"! Even the GM noes him by name...and have been pestering him for a lunch "date"??...Phheewwit...alamak..lunch date-lunch date ni mcm danger je...sounds a bit weird rite! haha..Anyways I really admire him from starting everything for scratch...and all his sacrifices for his family and pple he loves. He is one strong man (emotionally and physically)...dat i'm proud to noe, what more be attached to. He is the one who brings me back down to earth when i'm like floating to outerspace with my out-of-this-world expectations in life....its he who helps me get thru' every day of my life w/o letting me get lost amongst my piles and tonnes of work (dat explains all e food places with explored!!)..its he who keeps my spirits up and shows me that life is full of simple pleasures....and its he who will always go that extra mile to make me happy even if it means he has to fork it out from his own pocket...*wink*...Oklah i'm not that bad a gf u noe...i dun wipe him out of his savings lerr...But though he knows that its not easy being with such a "demanding"...."high maintainance" ...yadayadayada..girl that i am..(again got to defend myself...i'm not that bad...abit2 only)..he is willing to go thru' all obstacles just to be with me...And for that i'm forever thankful and grateful....*ahem...end of speech*
In a few days time it'll officially be the 7th yr 11 months since we've been together...(wah so long ah)...and I hope it will last till forever.....ermmm...ok..tink i better stop here....anyways...hope evryone of u finds that true love....course there's someone...out there for evryone of us....somwhere....

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Sunday, August 29


@effa food mania *

I think I can be officially named the food maniac...I realised...I KNOW most of my postings are about that big F-word....FOOD!!!It doesnt help that I have a bf dat lurves to eat....& frenz who also share that same crazy...food addicition...So here's another food-entry....No prize for guessing where we went

The people......


The food...............

here for full album

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lets have fun


I went to JBMalaysia again yesterday...and gave my colt a treat...a wash and full tankGas Pump of coz!In light of the coming Malaysia national day , I tell u this m'sians very patriotic one....can u believe they haveMalaysia on their Car 3Shock 4 Gotta Bow Down Before You their semangat!! As usual we had our Ramly @stulang.It was !
Managed to catch a Movie Reels....A malay movie AKU NO.1....Don't watch it....Its a very Lame movie. Lucky the Sharing Popcorn was Thumbs Up

Anyways on another note...I badly need to Treadmill. Have been eating like a Pig...hehe..Teethy...He of course have access to the gym Barbell, so can easily maintain his Body Builder!! But what can i do...I just Morphing Heart Buffet!!! Well nevermind....

Anyways talking about food...reminds me of myCousins esp toonie!! Miss You all.....We'll meet at Grandma House later today k??? Then can take lots of pictures...can meet cute Nash Baby Boy!!!

Oh ya btw...during the school holidays wanna goBowling
or play Pool...Still need to perfect my skills Woohoo

Oklah Gotta Go...eh before that...just wanna check u all can hear the song my Kleey clarkson from American Idol right?? If ypuc can't Ear..tag me k...Let Me Know...or i'll Club Me..!!! hehe...oklah till nect time...MalayBlowing A Kiss

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Saturday, August 28


For moments like these....


For maximum effect make sure your pc speaker is ON....

This was inspired by Kelly clarkson"s song "For a moment like this". Just wanna share these special moments and keep it saved here forever ......

A tribute to the people I love......

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