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bORN 1980. BLESSED with a blissful life & loved-ones. MARRIED to my soulmate.iN-LOVE with my tuscon. oBSESSED with matching colors. aDDICTED to food & fun. oVERWHELMED with 'crazy' teens. and...LEARNING to love every moment of this blessed life granted by God.

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Saturday, November 20

* *

The past week I've been getting myself acquainted with my new school. So far it has been fun. The staff are generally very friendly and there are quite a few young teachers around. The only thing is that I still have not gotten my seat yet as some teachers who are leaving have not cleared their table as yet....Looks like i'll be coming back during the holidays....

Today is the open house so I'll be in school till about 3pm...there goes my saturday..Since I'm not in charge of anything in particular, I'll just be roaming around and making myself handy (tup...tup...tgah roaming2 sampai pat comp lab so thats why i'm blogging *wink*)...Anyway to dear frenz...tom we gg jln raya wat time are we starting? Not too early coz many wld be joining only later half of the day....Tentatively effe, lukman, shah and hairi would only join us later part of the day....So that leaves me,era, din, ana and tini to start off the day....ok anything just call me..

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Tuesday, November 16

* First Day *

First day of raya went by quite fast and smoothly...
Of coz me and the gemz had our traditional foto-taking sessions...since we were all "sepasang"....and I HAD to be "sepasang" with the slimmest of the group!!!

Initially the atmosphere was quite nostalgic and slightly sorrowful..@ my paternal granma's plc...It was afterall the first year we are all celebrating raya w/o my arwah tok....my granma was especially very meloncholic and teary...so the gemz cheered her up with our love and attention( but not before we had a ball of a time taking OUR own fotos)

Then there was the traditional "mintak maaf" ceremony...and again tears were shed... and we gemz also had our own private "ceremony" in the room.....(no pics everyone was busy crying...haha)

Notice the aunties also sepasang!!

Niwaes this year our aunts & uncles had a new nickname for the gemz since the design of our kebaya was "senget"

(copyright..."senget" design is MINE!!)
...As usual we gemz were the centre of the media @ shaik abdul kadir's....and they just had to call us the sengets...But we took it with a pinch of salt...coz we know we are just too cute to be true...hhahaha!!
And then we had to come up with a "senget" pose....you know to go with the new title...

And dunno why.. there was this "bright light" cascading on us....just like lil' angels?

here for full album

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Friday, November 12

* Lets' get the Party started! *

Wohoo....Finally its over...the week of pure sinful torture...Never thought that i'd make it through...haha...Alhamdulilah...I'm happy that I've gotten over a TOUGH period of my life well & alive...so what u all waiting for....LET'S PARTY!!

Ish...ish....tak leh lah belum raya lagi...
Niwae felt like the month really zoom past so so fast...and slowly but surely my Raya mood is coming back....and think its back with a Crash... Boom.. BANG!

Ok so like I promised...my raya preparations update....First & foremost finally collected my baju raya...which i totally LURVE...

Its all PINK....

Next though there were no making & baking of cakes or cookies.... there is always the receiving and buying!!

So looks like I'm back in the mood of celebrating raya...
Oh ya by the way...about a year ago..I got my ixus and took pics of my new shoes & bag for raya.....

So think I'll make it a yearly tradition to post pics of my "collection".
This year so far its grey & pink concept....

But perhaps will add some maroon ones too...since I'll be doing some last minute shopping tomorrow!! YIPEE...It feels so good...to finish a test even though its no major exam or anyting...So for those who still having exams O's & A's esp....hang on...Just give it your best shot now....then once its over you'll feel elated and free!!!....and then you'll go...LETS GET THE PARTY STARTED!!
*ermm ok think i'm over doing it...ciao!*

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Thursday, November 11

* Salam Aidilfitri *

I'll be busy studying for one last night!!!....But I will be back here before raya.... And update you on my raya preparations.....

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Tuesday, November 9

* A' levels Revisited *

So I spent the night mugging through the A' level chemistry notes....and surprisingly it all came back to me quite fast and in fact I think I understand all the stuffs much better now than I did the time of my a's some time back...ermmm...maybe if I were to retake my a's can get all a's this time?? haha...

Oklah..studying is fun when there is no pressure of a test...whatmore to pass the test...I think I've gone through at least half the a'level chemistry syllabus...in a matter of days....Perhaps it just might be a miracle that I'd actually be ready for the tests on wednesday and friday...sigh...

Actually studying gives me this feeling of accomplishment, especially when I finally make sense of some difficult concepts and theories. Maybe when all these test pressure is over, i'll start studying my a'level and uni biology notes...upgrading ler katakan...ya right....we'll see if i would actually get down to it....

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Sunday, November 7

* Hate studying *

Can't believe it...i thought my studying days are over...but NOOOOOOO...i have two tests next week...and guess what its on A'level chemistry and even university stuffs i guess....hate it...hate it!!!AArrggh!!! What a way to end the nie year...and to begin the month of syawal.....

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Saturday, November 6

* sepasang kurung *

Its the time of the year where all time favourites and evergreen lagu raya hit the radio waves....Never fails to bring in the raya mood even when initially you are not that excited for it

This song is one of my personal favourites...dunno why sad...mellow songs seem to be most pple's fav song for raya...guess it brings about the sayu feeling and also kesyahduan suasana hari raya....

Somehow hearing this song and takbir raya never fails to strike a deep chord in my heart and bring tears to my eyes....

Anyway this reminds me that I have to collect my baju raya....bukan sepasang kurung biru tapi merah jambu...
With the shifting house ...non-baking of kuih & cakes....and the loss of a loved one in the family....somehow I feel this raya will really be different for me....
Perhaps going visit with my frenz might lift up my mood........anyways hope you all are having fun preparing for raya...buat kuih and all.......adios...

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* De' Paris *

Do you remember sometime ago ....I went to Paris??

Well this time I decided to have dinner @.......

Its a sidewalk cafe @Marina Square....and for the month of ramadhan they have a special buffet for iftar...So boleh lah feeling2 cam kat Paris...haha

They serve buffet with eastern & western fusion....so there is nasi bukhari and fish fillet with sambal...and also sambal prawn...And for those who wants a taste of western cuisine they have muchroom soup....with beef lasagne also mediterranian bean & nuts pilaf...

My personal favourites are.....the beef lasagne and de paris special wingz

The meal also comes with a cute glass full of air zam-zam & dates to begin your meal and free flow of bandung

Oh ya and not too forget the table full of dessert......

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