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Monday, June 28


Constant Craving


It is that time of the month again when i start craving for sweet...cold stuffs! And this time round i have this horrible...dying.. craving for crepes!!....But unfortunately it was too late to venture anywhere further than the east...and since I had no idea whether there are any crepes outlet in the east (any idea anyone?), I had to settle for second best that is gelare @east coast...He said i looked totally delighted...and excited ..savouring the waffle with the strawberries n cream topped with strawberry-cheese-cake-youghurt ice-cream.I tot we were supposed to share that whole big waffle...but he insisted i devour the whole thing by myself...while he gleefully snapped pics...

.....and he nicknamed me the hungry monsteress...that comes alive during certain periods of e month..haha...whatever! And as if that wasnt enough..since we were so..so near to the lagoon food centre..we had to stopover for that yummilicious roti john(stall 28)...and coconut drink..At this rate..i'd be lucky if i don't become obese soon....*grins*..

....i'm lucky to have my 'hungry-monster' to entertain my constant cravings...thanx!

P.S: Check out thaT cute..purple watch...lurve it..thanx effe!!

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Sunday, June 27


The question is...when??


This is to partly answer lulu's question..i tell you....if i don't she will bug me non-stop....And yes lulu...u will be my "unofficial" wedding planner, so you got to be the one to know when is the BIG DAY...rite...?!! Well for starters i've gone for e kursus..so that has to be something right...the time is near???!! I went during e 2nd week of June with 2 other couples my bro & nazreen and my cuz and his tunang. The kursus gave us a mental picture of what is ahead of us in the future...not only for THE day but more importantly the long road after...scary too...the responsibilities and all...BUT....I still..so..can't wait to get married...nothing will scare me off..hehehe!!
So we have official been "certified" to get married...as to when..hmmm....the fine prints at the back of the cert might give you a clue....chances are...........

somewhere within 3 years....*grins*

Meanwhile have been trying to perfect my "housewifing skills"....in the area of cooking up a decent meal...since he loves briyani...i decided to jump into cooking chicken briyani!!!!....results??He gives me a thumbs up...guess not bad for a first timer...Its funny how unlike my mum who can cook up a delicious meal in a jiffy...i took quite some time to do mine....of coz...I had to take some time..snapping pics too..thats how it is with a "modern woman" who hardly cooks...every meal seems like a masterpiece that has to be captured on "kept in memory" haha...can't imagine my mum ever going around with a digicam taking pics of her rendang...sambal goreng...ayam lemak cili padi etc....

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Like the new look???


Not bad ah...quite satisfied with e revamp of my blog design...e layout still e same lah...only e colors change...more refreshing and cheerful!!...Helps keep my spirits high. Dunno why ..nowadays i've been feeling kinda moody....and looking at my DARK old blog...didnt give me any motivation to post new entries (explains my "disappearance" in e blogworld)...So hopefully this new change helps me start actively blogging and posting again....yeahhh...i can feel it... e "adrenaline rush"...e excitement...thing my blogger-mania is back!!!!hahahha!
By the way...another round of chocolate fondue will do wonders to lift my mood up...*drools*

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Friday, June 25


What i can do with S$50 in JB


Within 3 days i went to jb twice and believe it or not i only spend abt 50 sing dollars for a fun-filled day for two!!!....here are the things u can do..

Movie @Mega pavillion -City square
(saw pontianak harum sundal malam....quite a gd show) -RM$20

2) Cheap...breezy lunch by e bay @DANGA BAY.... -RM$15

3) Tram ride by e bay -RM$2

4) Boat ride to kelong - (this was e most fun!!) -RM$20 (for two)

5) Seafood dinner "by e sea" @ stulang...(with chili crab..yumz!) -RM$38.50


The MOVIE review

Summary: Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam - Great horror movie with a story line and some melodrama...NO "overplayed-not-scary" effects.in fact e fear factor is sort of in a creepy kinda way..the "scariness" is subtle..yet gets under ur skin...and i'm hooked to e soundtrrack...

Maya Karin looked good in e movie and make a perfect "pontianak" with her eyes and sinister yet "sweet" smile...i say one of r best pontianak films i've ever watched...to view trailer and listen to sound track click on e link below above..one thing though i suggest u read e movie outline movie watching it to understand it better....


Summary: Danga Bay is like e JB Lau Pa Sat only dat e view is MUCH better and e food MUCH cheaper..got pasta...western food...chinese food...satay...seafood..local cuisines ALL HALAL...!!And e breeze is so refreshing...its along e "jalan tepi laut" near pantai lido...definitely my new JB hangout!!

Tram Ride

Summary: As mentioned e tram ride is only one ringgit per head and it goes along e whole strech of danga bay.At e same time u get to see what are e activities available there...there are water sports like jet ski...banana boat (see pics)...also horse riding on e beach ..hehe so romantic...!!

Boat ride to Kelong

Summary: This was r "funnest" activity of e day!! It was unexpected to....taking e boat ride to e kelong in e waters in between s'pore and JB....the 25min ride was worth it and we get to see e kelonngs up close...can u imagine there are dogs living on e tiny..unstable kelongs....i wouldnt want to be on one in a stormy night..*brrr* e sea at nite gives me e creeps...The wind was great and we get to see sungai buloh...woodlands ..from a far...a cool experience...!!


Review: Dinner @stulang was cheap and good....many shops to choose from....this time we tried e SAYAM shop...not bad..better than e last stall we went to..ANyways i got my chilli crab which was super cheap..and the fried squid only RM$4...serves two...is dat cheap or what!!! yumz....

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Sunday, June 13


Back frm Bukit Tinggi


Hey peeps..i noe i have been MIA for quite a while now....hope u all dun miss me too much..anyways i just came back frm a short holiday trip to bukit tinggi....e plc was ok...very ex e stuffd there...except for e pool game..."only S$0.50" per game....so cheap rite...where can get anywhere else..*winks*...we also went bowling....ahem...perfected my bowling skills....becoming e "bowling champion"...beat e "top-scorer" of 109pts....hahahhaa!!!..and next i "tangkap skill" in pool pulak..haha...a few more games of pool ..n i bet i'll be champion deh...hehehee..rite gerls???? Anyways it was fun...e company...my cuzins and frenz...not to forget e cutie kids...we were like a walking childcare centre with little kids hanging ard us...soooo tute....!! I'm sori no pics yet...i'm having sm problem loggin in my shutterfly....so bear with e lack of pics for a while more....i;ve got tonnes of unloaded pics...so its going to take sm time.....

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