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Saturday, February 28


On the "tree-top"....


I've finally experienced the much talked about eating experience on a "tree-top" at JB!! Ok...not exactly way way on e canopy...but smwhere on its 2nd-storey branches...Niwae it was kinda different atmosphere altogther..very peaceful & away from the busy city life (tell u e way there so ulu one!!). The best part of it was getting to sit on e floor ...with ur shoes off...mind you!!..and eating in a "kampung-like" atmosphere....very cool..very serene....To top that.. e food is not too bad...quite good actually with a range of the normal seafood dishes..to western food..beriyani...otak-otak and even ala carte courses like noodles and claypot rice etc & e superb MUST-TRY ABC..air batu campur(topped with icecream!!)!! nice..nice...*grin* Spoken like a true FOODLOVER...hahaha

But before i could enjoy all those pleasures...had to get thru e horrible traffic jam at e causeway!! Pheww...really hate to drive in those jams man..with e JB cars being such road-bullies..they think they CHAMPION of e road izit..!! Luckily, he took over e wheel during e jam...haha...if not i'll be going on muttering "sweet-nothings" to whom-ever crosses my path...*smiles*..On e whole & enjoyable day...and as uaual, satisfied with delicious food & wonderful ambience...

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Friday, February 27


By the sea.....


Meet up with cuzs today....since we missed each other so much, decided to go for a stroll by e pasir ris beach....And it was so peaceful & funny! As usual spent e time...laughing & cracking silly jokes and doing "silly" things!! By camera when flat on me so only managed to get e first few moments of our trip. Luckily...nana also brought her digicam...so shall be waiting for fatz to post e fotos before i "snatch" them away!! hahaha...Well here are some of the fotos i managed to shoot....Oh ya the breeze was a little bit strong too...really had fun...definitely will be doing this again...rite gerls???!!

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Thursday, February 26




Refreshed & Recuperated!!!YIPEE...........I'm back!! To my usual ...happy..cheerful....healthy self...It feels good to be well again. Makes me appreciate my health better...Niwae ALHAMDULILAH!!!*smiles*grins*...So since i'm well...my dear darling hungry monster gave me a "recovery present" cum fulfilling his food-craving....A LUNCH TREAT AT MAGIC WOK"(click on pics above).....hahaahaa....MAKAN lagi?? I realised that i keep posting about food...and pics of food...Well that reflects our pastime...hehe...So as usual u will see more pics of....none other but US...and also of MORE FOOD....Jadi kalau jelak tengok muka kita....SAPE SURUH VISIT THIS SITE!! hahaha...ok..ok i'm crapping...just look at e silly fotos and enjoy urselfs k....

Oh ya btw after e early lunch at magicwok whitesands....went to keppel club to fill up my time while waiting to go for my 3.30pm lecture(that i wish i didnt have to go!!!)...there took sm more pics...actually e place nicer at night...i'll post more pics another time k..well..dats all for today...

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Tuesday, February 24

* My pain.... *

I was on MC today...woke up with a fever & a terrible headache. My stomach was also churning and made me feel so nauseated...Had to drag myself to see e doctor...coz die-die must get MC or NIE will dock my pay....Niwae needed e medication too...spent e rest of e day sleeping...my body still aches too...e doctor said its a case of stomach-flu...i think its something to do w e pulut...since lulu & adik is also sick..hmmmm dunno lah ...dahlah tak suka makan pulut...den e one time dat i tried ...got such a bad experienced....sigh....

Niwae my nie frens just called to find out how i am (so sweet of them) and to update me with e "tonnes" of assignment given today...sigh...one day ...and so many things i need to catch-up on...then they told me that tommorrow we have to stay back for a group discussion...arghh..what news...No choice but have to agree.....Didn't eat the whole day today...no apetite at all...just ate some bread coz have to eat medicine...

So many people have said that i have lost weight...seriously dunno why...think i'm still eating the same & have not exercise for ages...(need to start back on my runs..if i can find e time)...To come to think of it ...its pretty strange...maybe there is something wrong with me....i do get tired VERY easily nowadays...and also easily drained out...hmmm...Maybe just "overworked" i guess or stressed-up...But call me anorexic or something but i don't feel as if i had lost weight....even when i weigh myself i'm still about e same...so its kinda puzzling...maybe happen to just lose a little at e right places..hahaa...Oklah...enuff about that...i think i need to sleep....if not might not make it to school tomorrow....Nitez.......

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Monday, February 23

* My head is spinning...my stomach is in pain... *

Today was a HORRIBLE day...i had BORING ...sleep-inducing lectures...and all e time my stomach was in pain...felt so nausea till my head throbbed!! It was an excrutiating experience..kinda reminded me of e time when i had e gastric-flu and was hospitalised...But thank god this wasn't as bad as that one...Niwae had to cancel my tuition w my cuzs...(so sorry gerls)...but b4 dat had one more tuition at 5pm...I tell u i almost fell asleep den...so rite after e ttn i gulped down panadol and went to bed....and woke up at 8pm!! The stomach cramps had subsided...but my head is still throbbing...I tell u ...now i feel las if i had ran a marathon or something coz by whole body aches!!! How i wish i can get a good massage from NORA...hehe!! Times like this i wish i have those osim massage chair or something...hmmm...maybe not...think i'm too ticklish to handle such "pressure".

So i thought i'd spend the free time tonite catching up on some reading materials....Did a bit of that but my body is aching so badly i think i need to lie down....so that didnt last long...now updating my blog instead...(i'm typing pretty fast u noe..)..Think i'll go back & rest on my bed again...sigh...another long day tomorrow....hope i'll feel better in e morning....

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Sunday, February 22


why i teach.....


I was digging thru' some stuffs on my table....(a huge pile actually) and i came across a little card my tuitee gave me some time ago...so sweet rite....Guess that sort of reminded me e joy of teaching...& how fulfiling it is if u can just to little something for someone....

Spent e rest of today...resting at home ..TRYING to catch up on some work...den in e evening when to my neneks' plc...most of my gal cuzs were not around...just left with e three of us....*wink*

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.....Chloesterol-laden Sunday morning.....


WOKE up LATE again this morning...missed class two weeks in a row...sigh...wats happening to me...!! Got up groggy....blindly trying to look at e time..... and guess what time it was ...10am!!!...so bye-bye to class at darussalam....BUt since i was up....decided to make full use of the beautiful sunday morning to go for BREAKFAST. Nope no more fastfood breakfast...instead equally unhealty but cheap PRATA breakfast...hehe...

When to the ever-famous 'cheese prata shop' somewhere near NUS....well...e prata was Ok-Ok je lah...my biggest complain is that the service is so damn slow....shah & i was so hungry & tired of waiting...(explains e numerous foto-taking hehe). By e time e food came we were twice as hungry then before..Two cheese prata for him & one cheese & one plain for me...topped it up with TEH-SUSU...Can u imagine ME drinking teh hahaa...had too...according to him, "tak style lah duduk kedai kopi tak minum kopi/teh"!

So as i was saying...we were twice as hungry due to e wait...two prata each not enuff man!! But kalau kita order lagi...hai.."bila mau game" (mat/minah talk..hehe).So guess what we did..... decided to try out the Jalan Kayu prata next!!...(skali can do a comparisn thingy)..so off we went for second round of prata(man all e cholesterol!!)....my verdict...Think jalan kayu prata better...smaller(take note of e pic)...but crispier and e curry is definitely delicious....Can't help but feel a "kampung-like" atmosphere at jalan kayu....feels like we were in malaysia....Took some silly pics on e road before i head for home..while he to work....that wraps up my sunday morning...Now got tonnes of work to do before tomorrow....so adios people...

P.S: Niwae was just trying out different effects for e fotos...hope u like it...

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Friday, February 20




Just came back from e BBQ...superfull..ate lots of chicken wing & soft spongy fishball (nope i'm not one of those who refrain frm eating chicken bc of bird flu!).Basically spend the time eating and taking more silly pics...some were watching APM on suria..(critics mostly)...Kinda peacful...e breeze was nice too...On e whole a relaxing time after a long hectic week....check e fotos k...

Tomorrow is awal muharram...our new year....so many wishes and hopes that i have..which i hope will come true...insyallah...I just want to have some inner peace..sounds cliche'...but really...I'm tired of all e stress in my life & i just want to lay back and have sm peace ....I've been feeling rather ....i dunno how to put it...moody? not-at-eased? disturbed? Can't explain e feeling...all i know is i want to have some space & time on my own...Dun worry ..just a an emotional phase for me...i'll get over it...i think...Niwaes lets pray that we will all be blessed with happiness...health..and GODs grace this new year.....AMIN...


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black beauties


He finally got his new bike...calls "her" casafina....Claims that she's his new gerl...watever...haha...well i have my baby aragorn too..hmmph!! Niwae stopped over to take some pics of e bike, before my tuition yesterday...Actually was waiting for him to finish 'cleaning' up e bike to have an early dinner at mak's place...i was super hungry man waiting for him and his SUPER4...!! He was going on about e technical & engine details of e bike...like "....valve.....pump...Vtech...." that was about all i could make out...Being a biologist sounds like his taking about e human heart to me with valves and pumping. So thats wat i said...(which was a BIG mistake!!) coz he went on about how human and a "machine" ie car..bike etc...are alike...blah...blah..Ok ok i give up...i was too hungry too quarrel...Guys and machine u better not come in between them....Niwae had punggol mee goreng at mak's plc..delicious! And i realised how empty it was as compared to at night...the food came pretty fast too...

Then i went for tuition....after which i went back to his place to help carry some stuffs to his sisters' bungalow...Nope not her own...rented bungalow at SAFRA tanah merah...Been there b4 with my family...very new & nice with SUPERcheap bowling $1 per game!! So anyway help to transport some stuffs there..mainly cooking stuffs for the BBQ tonite...yum..more food...been quite smtime since i had BBQed food..so definitely looking forward to tonite...k adios.....

click for more

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Wednesday, February 18


Missing my apple e-mac...


I realised i miss the e-mac that was available in MSH. Its so much more fun to use compared to the normal pc. Seriously considering of getting one for my own...Hmm..maybe not that serious..haha! Basically feeling quite tired out ...but finally got my laptop 'repaired' and now i can access my shutterfly...so all the pictures that wasn't uploaded ..ARE now!! So take note of the new links under photoworks ok?

Anyway here are some of the photos i took while i was driving home from tuition one day....there was a slight traffic jam so "entertained" myself by taking some silly fotos.....I so totally lurve my colt...its like e perfect car for me..Even more so now that i have to travel all e way to boonlay in it..

Just when i was listening to CLASS95...saw e ad..

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Monday, February 16

* NIE blues.... *

My first day in NIE and i'm already feeling "feverish". I'm not feeling too good...think going to fall sick...Can u believe dat is only e first day and already all e assignment deadlines and topic has been set...ANd already there is 2 group presentations...sigh....think bio & chem combination is rather heavy...Mayb its just culture shock after like "resting" from doing assignments for about s months...Now have to get back e "student feel" again...going for lectures...meeting deadlines...group discussions and More group discussions...Actually not too bad...only that i'm kinda of feeling a bit under-weather...mayb dats y i'm complaining...Tom i'm coming early..to snatch up e FREE parking lots..if not i'd have to may $3 for parking...wah seh like dat one week $15!!!! kering seh...so sacrifice a bit of time..come early..save money...hehee...

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Sunday, February 15

* valentines' day....and birthdays *


If there were no words, no way to speak
I would still hear you
If there were no tears, no way to feel inside
I'd still feel for you

And even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme,
You would still have my heart until the end of time
You're all I need, my love, my valentine

All of my life
I have been waiting for all you give to me
You've opened my eyes and shown me how to love unselfishly

I've dreamed of this a thousand times before
In my dreams I couldn't love you more
I will give you my heart until the end of time
You're all I need, my love, my valentine

And even if the sun refused to shine,
Even if romance ran out of rhyme,
You would still have my heart until the end of time
'Cause all I need is you, my valentine.
You're all I need, my love, my valentine

The weekend passed by like a breeze...Of coz saturday was e BIG day.... Valentines' Day....Honestly don't see whats the big fuss about just that one day...isn't love and romance suppose to be a natural "event" that happens anytime anywhere....y must it "celebrated" on a specific day...Hmmm...well u may say i'm morbid or smthg...but seriously...its just a day where people make money out of selling VERY expensive flowers and gifts... I think its the little smthg on an ordinary day...out-of-the-blue kinda thing that truly sparks romance...and dats wats lurve is all about....isnt it?? Anyway everywhere around u can see pple walking with flowers and bears....Don't get me wrong its sweet to see that "love" is in e air...but can't help but feel ..that it seems so superficial dat evryone jus does it bc evryone else is....sigh.....Oklah enuff about dat...said my piece of mind...let e matter rest...BUT still....HAPPY VALENTINES to all...('',)

Celebrated lulu's b'day today...just a simple get togther at her place..hope u llike e gifts gerl...*wink*!!We Had a good session of sharing- our- feelings and frustrations haha...as usual ...and made me realise how lucky i am to have cuzins like u gals....('',)....

Celebrated era's b'day too..slightly b4 e weekend...heard that she had a feast for e day..and e day after..and e day after??? haha...hope u enjoyed urself gerl....

Shah and i have been "seriously thinking" of going the bodyworld exhibition (esp now that it has been extended..no way we should miss it!!)...Both of us have a "thing" about the wonders of the human body...Hey ..dun get me wrong..not in a kinky way or anyting lah ('',)...But seriously..its a natural interest taht goes with our profession...Well u see...me being the biology freak and teacher-to-be its like a biology lesson come to life for me...and him...as a fitness instructor..he is interested in e anatomy and physiology of the human body (esp. the muscles) and brain (got to say he is the master of psychology..dunno how he can manage to train and motivate a fat lazy kid ie his trainee to run non-stop on a treadmill...n make him enjoy it too...well dats my guy!!).

Thus to be able to see it all firsthand its definitely a MUST SEE for the both of us. Also its a good "revision" for him ( and me too) as he needs to get all his anatomy facts refreshed coz need to use it for his diploma course on sports psychology soon... rite babes!! Honestly his course is kinda tough man.He is learning things dat i didnt know exist hahaa..they have to learn all the scientific names of muscles and bones etc...and the physiology of how the muscle works under stress or pressure ...So most of the time i'd be like saying "chest" and he goes "pectoralis major" and i'd say i hate my big "butt" and he goes...your "glueteus maximus" is perfect to me haha!!....

Anyway By chance my cuzs are also interested in going...so we'll plan a suitable date k..

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Friday, February 13

* The last day *

Its already time for me to leave....*sob*sob*....YEAHHHHHHH!!! hahahaa...crazy huh??!! yupz its my last day of school experience...n gotta admit feel kind of sad to leave the boys...they are a nice bunch...but like i mentioned b4 life is FULL of change...and we just have to learn to adapt..rite?? So i'll be in NIE next week...the LONG trip there...must stock up my car with new cds (to entertain me) and some reachable snacks for me to munch on in case i get too hungry...hahaha! Gotta find some "kakis" to carpool with me too...so can get $$$$ for petrol...i'm sure with e distance i've 2 travel, it'll suck e money out of me ....hope can find at least two pple...

I'm sure i'll meet tonnes of familiar faces there ...in fact mayb everywhere i turn i'll meet a fren or smthg....Sure will be seeing tini ard...rite gerl???!! oklah...gtg...my last lesson of the day coming up...now i'm munching on time-out chocs...which btw i gave to e boys as a "parting away" gift....('',)

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Thursday, February 12

* Fascinating world of biology... *

I'm feeling so elated....it has been a pretty good day today....Just had my final observation by my supervisor and he was impressed with the lesson...Actually i felt that it was the best lesson i ever taught! *grins*.... I managed to ask e boys some thought-provoking questions...and they were so excited and participative. Now i realise the importance of injective some "life" into teaching other than the boring jargons with no real life examples....Anyway the topic was on osmosis and diffusion...you noe about water moving from a more dilute solution to a less dilute solution...(ok ok...dats not e proper "biology" definition..hehe) Niwaes....i den got dem thinking if dats the case...how come freshwater fishes are able to survive (there is more water in the lake than i n the body of the fish...so by osmosis water moves into the fish)...when they are constantly surrounded by water?????? And being young "gentlemen" as they are ...they got pretty excited and came out with many theories....Dat really got them thinking and wondering how such a natural thing occuring in the environment is so fascinating!!! Hehe...ok now i sound like a freaky biology enthusiasts...But being the biology lover that i am....i see the beauty in biology and hope that i can make the students see the it the way i do....well...kinda of miss teaching this sec3 class....though can be quite naughty...there are a bright bunch and have the zest to learn...makes teaching them a rewarding and fulfilling experienced.....

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Tuesday, February 10

* Where are all my pics??? *

I'm getting pretty frustrated with all my online fotos...firstly i can't seem to login to my shutterfly from my home PC...so i decided to register on another online foto site...but e fotos doesnt come out!!! instead all u see is the BIG RED X...Aarrrrgghhh!!

So dats y have not been uploading fotos....untill my bro get my PC fixed...bila lah agaknye!! Anyway...gonna leave MSH soon...tink i'm kinda gonna miss those cheeky boys...e two classes that i took over really was fun...they were responsive n eager to learn...and futhurmore they noe me from last year...so are pretty comfty w me...n noe my style already... I really tink i won;t mind coming back to MSH for good...i'm like so used to e environment already...and getting the hang of handling e "gentlemen" (as they like to be called) in an all boys school....hmmm...i'll think abt it more in e next few months...I'm definitely going back there for my practicum...n my HOD already "sound" me if i'd like to stay....so i'll give him e answer when i come back from practicum....

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Monday, February 9

* Tribute to my cuzins..... *

Ok..ok I noe this is the 3rd blog featuring this song ...but i'm hooked to...:)..Niwaes just like to thank my cuzins for dedicating this song to me and shah...lurve u all..always..........

JANGAN PISAHKAN by Phyne Ballerz

Biar cinta terhalang gunung dan samudera
Aku tetap memegang janjiku padamu
Biar jurang yang terjal ada didepanku
Takkan goyah sumpahku terhadap dirimu

Kita bagai kumbang dan bunga
Hatiku pasti hatimu jua
Namun mengapa ada saja
Yang benci tulus cinta kita

Jangan pisahkan, aku dan dia
Tuhan tolonglah, ku cinta dia
Biarkan kami tetap bersama
Di dalam suka dan duka

Biar cinta tempuh jua lautan gelora
Aku sedia menjulang nama mu dijiwa ku

Kita bagai bulan dan bintang
Hatiku pasti hatimu jua
Namun mengapa ada saja
Yang benci tulus cinta kita

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* Weekend bonanza *

Hey all....Firstly so soree abt e BIG RED X...haha...dunno y it just doesnt come out.Well...if u still can't see it...hmmm...tandanye u could be going soon..hahahaha...Well basically e weekend was spent meeting up with my frenz and him...Went to Hara AGAIn...this time we my frenz...Hmm...tink i should get commission for "promoting" the place!! Anyways..just enjoying e weekend..with one more week in MSH left...

On another note...i just got a call from a tution agency. They offered me an A level bio assignment...once a week...for $30 per hour. Actually quite a good bargain...but dunno if i'm up to it. Still considering....niwae dunno how my nie timetable is goin to be like...what if i end schl at 5pm everyday or something!!! I'll sleep on it first....!

Oh ya watched GOTHIKA (stars Halle berry..penelope cruz) during the weekend..Gotta say quite a good movie..Just happened to watch it by chance...and it ws quite impressive...its a thriller with a bit of mind-boggling mystery that keeps u guessing...Actually its what i'd call MY kind of movie...Well dunno i u all will like it as much as i did...but it definitely is a movie that gives u a few scares and SCREAms...BUT my advice is to truly enjoy the movie watch it like i did...having totally NO idea what it is about!!

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Thursday, February 5


Tribute to my closest frenz...


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* Sensitivity....and Adaptability.. *

After about 4 weeks of school and tution, i've finally kinda "adapted" to the routine....Now i can plan my time better and i dun feel too tired...BUT next week is my last week in MSH. Then i'll be travelin all e way to boon lay to NIE....Well, more change....and more adaption. I guess thats what lif e is all about CHANGE. Whether if its for the better or worse we'd never really noe..all we can do is adjust and adapt to a given situation. Well talking about adaptability reminds me of what i've taught my bio students on the topic on the charateristics of life (those of you who have taken o'level..biology b4 might remember this). Anyway just realise how true it is...according to e bio text... all living things are sensitive to external stimuli and will respond to changes in the environment. Adaptability is the ability of the species to change so as to improve its chances of survival.....

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Wednesday, February 4

* FRUITful day.... *

The week seems to fly quite fast...can't believe its already weds....2 more school days left.. Have been having formal and informal classroom observations by my CT's (co-operating teachers). At first had sm jitters..but then just have to "pretend" they do not exist an all is fine... When quite well...The biggest compliment is that my voice is loud and clear...n i went pretty slow so that the students can understand me....of coz there are negative points too...but that had mainly to do with the content (which according to them u'll learn along the way). So pretty happy so far...Now wating for my NIE supervisor...who disappeared on me since b4 e hari raya hols...but have just emailed him to confirm when he is coming down to observe me.....

Niwae its FRUIT DAY in my school today....we all get a starfruit each!! Too bad didnt bring my camera or i'd feature the fruit here...haha...To sum up...it has been a super "fruitful" day for me....hope yours is too....

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