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Saturday, January 31


If you're not the one


If you're not the one then why does my soul feel glad today?
If you're not the one then why does my hand fit yours this way?
If you are not mine then why does your heart return my call
If you are not mine would I have the strength to stand at all

I never know what the future brings
But I know you are here with me now
We'll make it through
And I hope you are the one I share my life with

I don't want to run away but I can't take it, I don't understand
If I'm not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am?
Is there any way that I can stay in your arms?

If I don't need you then why am I crying on my bed?
If I don't need you then why does your name resound in my head?
If you're not for me then why does this distance maim my life?
If you're not for me then why do I dream of you as my wife?

I don't know why you're so far away

Listen to the song and lyrics....

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Friday, January 30


American Idol3...Its back with a BANG!!!


Yes...yes with all the hype on the A.I3...I couldnt miss out featuring it on here too!! Gotta say dat AI3 is bigger and better than ever...Missed a few scenes here and there but whatever i caught...will get me back for more...Most of the time i was focusing on the funny contestants who can't sing fot nutz...harhar.... Sure there are those would-be idols material..but was too bz LOL. But one particular guy contestant caught my attention...(tink it was the 1st episode)...N if i'm not wrong he was the one who serenade Paula....OMIGOD he was cute...n he could so so sing.... keep a look out for him....I'm sure to follow the following episodes closely...Guess its a good way to de-stress....(ESPECIALLY if they keep playing the audition episodes..haha)...Realise dat i've not been watching much TV...but this will be one programme i won't miss!!

But really think American Idol3 is like the biggest thing now...just look at the swamp of pple "camping" out for the auditions...Of coz ryan seacrest and the colourful judges add "spice" to the show...

We'll watch it at bitch about it hahhaha...Hmm...reckon its going to be an exciting season ...can/t wait for the comprtition mood to kick in!!...till e next episode den....

By the way found out that singapore is going to have our own S'pore idol...BELIEVE IT!!! Will be featured 2nd half of 2004...hmm..INTERESTING!!Must watch out for it...

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Thursday, January 29


.......My bed & pillow calls.......


Here i am stuck in this freezing staff room (seriously sm of the people here have totally "thick skin" coz dun see them shivering like i am rite now!!).....wishing i'm cozily tucked in bed...!! The rain is really making me more sleepy (&lazy)...got tonnes of work to do...But look what i'm doing!! UPDATING MY BLOG instead..n dreaming of going home to sleep...........Haiz...i envy those who r in e comfort of their homes...lazing away doing NOTHING!! hahaaa...Wish could go back to those lazy days...OMIGOD...my fingers are turning
blue as i'm typing...its super cold in here...k..gotta get out of these freezer...n fast!!

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All the Best to you....('',)


Well...THE day is nearing when he is formally going to meet my family...(after 8 years!)..But i'm the one yang "bedebar-debar" ..hehe....Insyallah all will be fine...its not like they r going to grill him or smthg...Niwae i noe u can do it man!! So if u r reading this....i'll be praying for u....N i'll be there to give u support.... Like one of my guy cuzs said..."Who said its going to be easy to take a princess away...." *wink*!

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Wednesday, January 28


Words that help me make it thru' the day....


I have been through a week full of a roller-coaster emotions....There have been e HUGE move in my life ...those close to me would understand what...Dunno if i should really be happy or otherwise...But i'm determined to stay strong & only GOD can help me in these times i'm in distress...Well...basically e "problem" lies with my longterm r/s with him..(as most of u would noe)...and up till now there are still people unwilling to accept the truth...& the reality that he is the one for me...I don't understand why they say "keep your options open" ....If thats the case den anyone u r with is never the best coz...they always "might" be a better one out there...It will be a never ending search for THE one! I understand peoples' care & concern...but not if they are too judgmental that it clouds their vision... Maybe my path has been set for me...that i find THE ONE on my first major try...(haha)..So be it..whats the big deal...!!

But I thank GOD that there are also others who understand me....n what i'm going thru'...giving me all the support!!! It's not easy...but i'll hang on.... As usual i'll take it all in a positive stride....May it all end well....INSYALLAH

Aniwae as i mentioned b4....my cuzs made me this box full of quotes etc...so i'll feature some here...n whenever i feel "emotional"...i'll feature one of their quotes!!! ('',)

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Monday, January 26

* my CNY break.... *

Ok..Ok i know itz been a super long time since i've updated...few reasons...mainly have been busy and den my shutterfly made some problems so couldnt upload pictures....BUT here i am once again...hope u didnt miss me too much *wink*

Lets back date e happenings in my life this past few days....e lastest outing was with my cuzins....which included a last minute sleepover at my place...went out with them on saturday to celebrate my BELATED birthday! These darlings wanted so much to go eat tim sum...at Bukit Timah...So i brought them for a late lunch there...n all SEVEN of us squeezed into my darling colt....hehe (unbelievable rite?!!!). We even had a cheesecake eating session in my car....not to mention lots of foto taking......

Niwae e highlight of e day was e sweet gifts they painstainkingly made for me....especially the box of beautiful quotes( see pic below)....totally lurve dem....

click on pics for MORE!

Thanx darlings...for all ur love in support...i'm lucky to be surrounded by people who love me....thanx again gerls ...enjoyed myself...especially e last min sleepover...as usual!!!)

Well earlier...on CNY eve i went out with him to wash my car at his cuz's manual carwash place at a shell station near novena centre (think its near thomson)....Its only $10 for a wash...includes vacuming of e insides too....well if u r lazy n hv $$ to spare give it a try.....!! Niwae its owned my shah's cuz adam..see e pic e boss haed at work!

Ok last update...after giving my colt a "bath" we went for prayers at a mosque nearby...masjid abdul hamid Kampung pasiran...And it is such a LOVELY mosque..small (smaller than masjid mydin)...N e design was beautiful...even have flat screen tv's...WOW...and check out the abulation "pipe"...itz like being in a tropical reosrt....!!!

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Wednesday, January 21


What a short school week itz going to be...And itz HALF DAY today!! Going to relax & enjoy myself during this break...(but go to prepare for lessons..DAMN..haha)..Whatever it is i'm going to go out...meet up w frenz...cuzs..& mayb going JB or picnic with him....Even thinking of going ICE_SKATING...(n i dun even noe how to blade!!!) and many2 more...Plans..plans and MORE plans...We'll see what plan he has in store for me....

Niwae went for supper at east coast after my tuition yesterday...And met up with shah's best buddy herman and his gal farah. It was nice meeting dem after sooo long MIA...Forgot how "crazy" herman is and he really made us all laugh out hard!! hahaa...N poor farah...bullied my loud herman..Wanted to take a foto or two of them...but my camera battery went FLAT on me!! (think have not charge it for a week!!)...So too bad no fotos dis time round.

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Sunday, January 18


Some of My favourite things???!!*winK*


Actually supposed to be preparing for my first lesson on tuesday..But e new year holiday is killing my "hardworking" mood & instead am in a FESTIVE mood...hahahaha..excuses. Took some pics of e very few accessories in my car...actually more of little sometings to make it more personalised...more ME!!

Of coz e maroonish..red..color is SO my color...He got me e seatbelt tingy which i totally luuurve(e pic was edited so it doesnt look like dat in real life ('',))...n e hanging ting a gift from mummy..!

Niwae was just trying playing around with editing pics...cropping..color contrast and all...& did it for his pic...hope he likes it....haha..My favourite things in my favourite color...('',)..ADIOS!

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Saturday, January 17


Day out after a long..tiring...week


click on left pic for more

Went out to unwind yesterday...but was too tired to update when i got home...so doing it today instead. Started with going to Challenger at Funan...needed to get a flash-drive to store all my lessons and materials...beats copying to floppy disk anytime!! Sigh...money spent again..oklah take it as an investment..hehe..

Then went for dinner at Hara Hongkong Tim Sum at bukit timah...as usual we both got slightly lost...tempers flared (esp since i was so tired)...But finally reached our destination & e delicious food...cooled us down...So the saying goes the way to a mans' heart is thru' his stomach....The food was good...light yet enuff to make u full (ok sounds ironical..but it really does make u full). So i reckon "drop by" if u happen to be "passing by" bukit timah...hehe what is the odds of that hapenin'!

Then this morning got up early for breakfast out...(no more fotos of food dis time)...Instead he found his new gadget/toy of the week...!(click on shah's pic below to find out what it is!!)... i found it so ridiculous...& was LOL when he went around TM carrying it...hahaha...but got to admit it is kinda cute..well dats dat...had fun just doing silly things... now got to do so much preparation for schl next week...But the weekend is not over yet....

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Wednesday, January 14

* Me & my jam-packed schedule *

Can't believe it...TWO postings in a day...hahaha!! Just feel like updating tonight... I just came back from tutoring my cuzs (izzy,nora & nasyirah)...n dat was only one of my many..many tutoring assignments!! In all i am occupied mon-thurs evening to nights with tuition...keeping my friday & weekends free to relax...I'm really going to feel my energy being 'sucked out' of me now...ONE more day to go...i miss my afternoon naps....Sigh...what to do got to get big $$$ for saving & paying car instalments..well u get some ..u lose some...

Yupz...i'm truly enjoying driving my colt.....itz a very relaxing car to drive...smooth & lite...i'll breeze thru any traffic..hehe. ANd i realise that i'm a kind of person who DETEST a car that is dirty inside & out....Cant stand e sight of dirt on e floorboard...n hv been putting my mini-vacumn to GREAT use..(tini : yes tink its quite good)...also been cleaning up my windows whenever i can coz..cant stand to see e windows covered with dirt n all.....must say itz TIRING keeping up with myself!! Well....guess will be spending e weekend washing up my car n keeping it spotless.....

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Pictures....& MORE pictures


Ok...i finally found time to post pics...N here is e official pic of my colt....click on it for more pictures of my birthday presents (it has been up online in era's blog way earlier...do visit her blog for more pics).
Niwae celebrated my birthday with my darling frenz....

...my cuzs & shah were not free due to unforseen circumstances...But had fun anyway..thanx gerls!
Here also are pictures of my second hightea trip....this time round with him (after he came back from Ledang) & my cute cousins Nash & Mohammad.


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Monday, January 12

* May ALLAH bless his soul.....Insyallah...Goodbye by dear tok... *

The past few days have been hectic & full of emotions... as many of u would hv known...my tok passed away on Friday 9th Jan... It was a day that i'd never forget ....to lose a beloved one...someone so close... It seems like it was just yesterday that i was talking with him about my new car....N now he is gone...forever......but insyallah...to a better place....a place all of us wish n dream to be going to when we leave this temporary world....

Whatever happened....really had a great impact on me....i feel so vulnerable & scared of what e future holds for me....Life is so uncertain....but death is certain... So dear frenz n fellow bloggers....Let us pray for each other ...for our family n, for our loved ones ...n for those who are no longer with us...May we all one day meet in heaven ....insyallah
(I noe i may sound morbid talking about death n all... but itz just a reality dat we r afraid to face....)

Niwaes...my family will be having a tahlil akbar at Masjid Mydin this saturday after asar...Mainly for my relatives...but u all are also welcome if u can spare e time....

Sorry for not updating...just needed time to absorb everything...with school and all...But i think i'm fine nowi tink...i may be happy on e outside...but insidr i'm struggling with all e emotions i hv ...only in those moments went memoriesz of tok comes back....it touches my deepest soul...n makes me sad. To any of u who have felt e lost of ur loved one...i feel for u n i hope n pray that we become a better person out of this.....insyallah...
i tink i'd never be e same again ...e loss of tok has changed my view of life forever...n guess its e berkat of his doa...dat he is helping his cucu to be a better person...a better muslim..insyallah...He is a man i admire & have e upmost respect for.....Till e very end he was a true muslim ...fighting hard & holding strong to his beliefs..n even sempat hv his last subuh paryer b4 her left us forever....I can only pray that i have his strength in me somewhere ...to help me get thru' all dis...insyallah kalau di-izinkanNYA

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Wednesday, January 7

* HATE MY PC!!! *

AARRGhhhh!! My pc has been giving lotz of trouble..HATE IT...HATE IT!!! Now i'm using a very OLD laptop with only pentium 1...together with a cable internet connection...what a combination...Whatever!..as long as i can get online & meet my fellow bloggers(got to say blogging is addictive)!!!

Anyways...he's back finally!! With lots of scary & funny stories from ledang..N he truly, madly, deeply enjoyed himself ...& he is even thinking of climbing up Gunung Tahan (m'sia 2nd highest mountain)) e next round!!!! What can i say...he is a guy in NEED of adventure hahahaa (like being with be iznt adventure enuff!!). So went for hightea just now as a celebration of his return (actually he "kebuluran" coz been feeding on canned food for e past few days). But do not be fooled...my guy is a "masterchef"... he cooked up FRIED RICE on e trip... & even had sambal tumis sardine...wonderboy is full of resources...so lucky me *wink*!

Later in e evening...i went to visit my tok n even though he is very sick...he remembered i'm getting my car tomorrow..n seemed very excited... Everyone in the room was close to tears when he said he want to see e car... Insyallah tomorrow if he is up to it i'll take him for a quick ride... Though its sad to see him in so much pain...i'm glad that he is surrounded by his loved ones in his last days.......Lurve u tok...

Oklah..on a more cheerful note...i'm sure most of u would have known by now that i'm getting my colt TOMORROW...Yes...3 days b4 my birthday...YIPEE!! So excited...wonder if i can sleep tonite...Well i'm sure this is e moment not only i am waiting for......many out there are waiting for a JOYRIDE...n dont worry u would get a feel of e colt soon...........

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Monday, January 5

* Best supermini 2003 *

This is kinda late news..but still think its worth sharing. For those of you who don not read newspapers ...Here is an article in LIFe! on Saturday 3rd Jan..


With the help of DaimlerChrysler, Mitsubishi seems certain to shed its indifferent quality image.
And the latest Colt is a giant step in the right direction.
Stylish, cute yet not too feminine, the Colt has decent dynamics plus an American-style front bench seat, a clever feature unique in this class.
The highly-equipped standard specification car makes its $69,988 price tag seem a bargain.
A close second is the Honda Jazz ($74,000).
With its under-the-front-seat petrol tank and clever rear seat mechanism which allows it to be folded in many ways with just one hand, this is still the design pacesetter for its class and a masterpiece of space packaging.
But if financial constraints limit your choice, the Hyundai Getz ($59,888) is a decent buy with its neat styling and handling.

There are also reviews of other car categories...click here for more

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Sunday, January 4


Cream Cheese with crackers


Yum...finally bought e cream cheese & crackers...Even introduced it to my cuzs..and they r all CRAZY over it! Talk about cheap thrills..!

Okies now for more on LOTR (hehe)...found out this new very interesting site (courtesy of din&era)..! There are so many new facts..too many in fact dat i'm so awed! Gotta admit got a bit lost with all e info...

Also found some interesting links on LOTR...one of which is the chronological events of LOTR. There are also answers to questions like .......

Why did Gandalf choose Bilbo Baggins to acompany Thorin?

Did Frodo and other mortals who passed over the Sea become immortal?....any many more.

Do visit the links...& enjoy what is in store for u there!!!

But they were, all of them, deceived, for another Ring was made. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the Dark Lord Sauron forged in secret a master Ring, to control all others. And into this Ring he poured his cruelty, his malice and his will to dominate all life. "One Ring to rule them all." One by one, the Free Lands of Middle Earth fell to the power of the Ring. But there were some who resisted. A Last Alliance of Men and Elves marched against the armies of Mordor and on the slopes of Mount Doom, they fought for the freedom of Middle Earth. Victory was near. But the power of the Ring could not be undone.

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First day of belajar agama..with tuLiP from SpAiN.......


Had the first agama class at Mydin today..after such a long break!! Felt very 'refreshed' & ready to start e year...Going to class is like a wake up call after 2 months of "holiday". Enjoyed the selawat & learning more about Islam...& of coz uztaz's jokes..Never failed to tickle our funny bones. Got a tulip from era courtesy of her sis...the tulip's flown in specially from spain mind u! Btw at class i saw a girl with a LOTR book-Fellowship of the ring. So era if u read this..I WANT TO BORROW the books frm u k!!!

Won't be doing much today..guess just lazing around. Later going to my grandma's house...so will be meeting up w my cuzins...wonder what yummy food grandma's cooking today..??

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Saturday, January 3


Lord of the Rings Game anyone?


Yes...yes call me psychotic or freaky...But i have in hand a LOTR PSII GAME!!! It has FABULOUS graphics and original music from the movie. To add to that there also scenes from the movie with some of my favourite quotes...Its like e characters coming to life under MY control..haha...There is of coz AraGoRn with his cool moves & fighting skills...GanDaLf with his powerful magic..not to forget LeGoLas with his swift moves....and many2 more. Well apart frm sm fighting skills..e game also involves solving of sm puzzles..thus need sm thinking skills too. Gotta say was never a playstation fan (couldnt understand why guys like my bros & shah are so into PS)....but now guess i'll be playing PSII ...but LOTR will be about e only game i'll be playing (click on above pic for MORE).......

Update about e rest of my day...spent my time meeting up w my darling frenz, era, effe & tini...been quite a while since we had a heart-2-heart all gerls talk...We met for lunch at pizza hut and spent e time sharing our problems with one another..But the main topic of conversation was a problem one of them was having. Gotta say she was initially in such a tight situation...But e day ended w quite a drastic change in atmosphere...and she was BEAMING with happiness & lurve...*wink*....real glad to see her so happy...hope everything goes well in e end....Meanwhile...miss him too...one day down...two more to go.....

On another topic...just for info class agama belia at Masjid mydin starts tomorrow....for more info click on pics..IMPORTANT class starts at 10am (instead of at 9 stated in e website)...for fellow pelajar2..cya tom...a new year...a new start

Masjid Mydin...Jalan Lapang

Just to let u all noe dat i'm still not over LOTR & AraGorn

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Sigh...me not sleepy....Shah's not around to talk to me... so its BOREDOM big time! It feels weird not talking to him b4 i go to sleep...its different when i hv company (like sleepovers)...but when its just me & myself....feels kinda lonely...Guess its just me being pathetic..haha...Just used to it i guess..Niwae he went for a backpacking trip to Gunung Ledang...left jus now..will only be back on monday...guess hv to survive on my own till den!
Oh ya my bro just came back frm indonesia..went to fetch him at e airport...He went w my grandparents and sm others to my tok's kampung in jawa...Was telling us many amusing stories dat happened there. The first thing he said to me was " Dah dapat kereta?"... he jus cant wait for e nights when he can use my car!!

I just found out that i won't be going to NIE for lessons until after 12 Feb...we start off with 5 weeks of 'school experience'....but HALLO...i've already had abt 4 months of that...Its funny how e system works...dunno if i'll be posted back to Maris Stella...

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Friday, January 2

* .........HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! *

Have not been updating lately....coz my pc has gone beserk,,,maybe itz e millenium bug...wait.dat was supposed to b in 2000...!! Just when the new year is approaching....Well its already 2004....Hope its not too late.....HAPPY NEW YEAR! To all....esp to my family, frenz, Jclub.......n of coz my darling....¦
Wanted to make a new year resolution list...¦but year after year my list grows longer dat its getting pretty hard to accomplish!heehe.......So this year not going to list them. Instead I'll live one day at a time....and see how it goes....(that does not mean I've no plans man!!)

Niwae celebrated e new year with by cuzs (again??!!) ..We spend the nite sitting on the roof outside my bedrom window....looking at stars (it was a very clear nite) & when the clock strike 12.........we screamed HAPPY NEW YR!!!Bet whoever was asleep was awoken by our screams.hehe.Then we heard the sounds of fireworks....(can't see them though, just flashes of light). Figured it came from kallang or east coast. Spend the rest of the time making new year resolutions, talking about life (deep conversation hehe)..n crapping around (as usual). Wished my darling could hv joined us...but too bad he couldnt.

So that wraps up the year...it was nice to be around my cuzs...felt that we really made full use of this hols didn't we jamz??? Now w e start of a new yr w schl and all...guess we wouldn't be meeting up as much...nana bz in NUS.......lulu bz bumming ard....hehe.......toonie bz studying hard?..fatz bz with JC life & izzy w e O's!!My best wishes to u in all u do!!!

To my darling frenzâ.........Hope that as we get bzier w our own lives, we still spare time to keep in touch & keep our friendship strong, YEAH!
era: all e best embarking in working life & also ur plans for e future (which reminds me bila nak gi kursus???)....effe: hope u can adjust to e changes in ur schl (u can always look 4 me when u feel lost), & may all ur plans turn out e way u want it to be! tini: hope that u find the happiness u hv been searching for......stay strong & believe that evrytin happens 4 a reason ..also keep in touch k? .......ana: hope u too stay strong juggling ur career & motherhood....& u noe that u can always depend on us if u want to..........lurve u gals

Lastly, hope this year will be blessed with happiness and good fortune for all...Insyallah......

some BLUR pics of us on e roof!!

P.S: click here for e previous sleepver pics...

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