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Wednesday, April 28


Before & after


click pics for more!

I managed to get 2 days of "sick leave"...yeah! Of coz i AM sick....sick of schl...sick of assignments...sick of presentations. But other than that i am healthy and living...haha.. Needed to take some time off to settle all my things.As u noe my family is bz moving..and i still have tonnes of stuffs to pack!! Its a horrible think to do!! Threw away half of my notes....1/3 of my old clothes...ALL my old cassette tapes...and many2 more stuffs...Just have to do it if not i'll end up like a karang guni with soo many stuffs that i won't use at all.
Can you imagine that i have abt 15boxes of things...yes..just for me alone. My bags alone filled up one whole box...didnt noe i had so many...still have shoes to pack...arrgghh!!!Was contemplating if i shld throw away old "letters" from frenz...decided to keep it for memory sake...hehe!! So now i'm living amongst piles of boxes..dust..and rubbish...And for someone who needs structure in her life...this chaos is messing up my brain!!! Can't settledown and start my assignments....(dats what i'm suppose to be doing NOW!!)....but look what i'm doing...updating my blog instead...sigh....
Have to be back in schl tom...i have TWO presentations...sucks! Well...i better get some work done...adios..

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Sunday, April 25


I'm back!!


Can't believe i didnt update for a whole week...but did go in now and then to check e tagboard..Like i've mentioned...too much work to get done dats y i have no time to update...The week was pretty normal..fun only begun during e weekend...Went to tjc gema temasek on saturday w my frenz and cuz....I was really amazed setting foot again in tj with soooo much changes ard...new blocks and buildings....a wonderful auditorium..emm..so much more better then when i was there..Felt super old to go back there...After dat went out with my cuzs for our long awaited dinner cum nana's b'day celebration! Ate at sakura...after which we went to fort road for a lepaking session....had fun crapping ard..with izzy doing e "duck" dance (hilarious!)...and playing "pepsi-cola 1,2,3" like nobody's business!! hanging ard with them really make me feel young and energetic hiak..hiak!*smiles*..Finally just before we head for home...had a last min plan to go to kent ridge park for a night's view of the sea...it was beautiful..thanx gerls for e fun time...

Today spent e time w him...went to eat at pizza hut... e long awaited sausage pizza...I of coz had my pasta...We were walking ard town when we realised that there was a new K-box at orchard cineleisure ..I tell u place is huge and so new...so for those karaoke junkies check out e new hotspot...i tink its a bit more ex then e one at delphi buiding....Finally ended e day at my aunts plc to celebrate my little cuz's b'day...

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Sunday, April 18

* *

Might not be updating as often...simply don't have e time..I'm swamped with so much assignments that i can hardly breathe...Tired...worn-out...u name it...what more with tuitions...Where do i find e time to do my assignments...can u believe it i have SIX major assignmt due in May.....not including micro-teaching and lessonplans....AAArrrggghhh...Hate this feeling...so i'll be gone for now....adios...

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Tuesday, April 13

* Updates.... *

FINALLY ...i found the time to "squeeze" in updates of what i've been up to these past few days...Actually no GREAT changes...really...really just spent e time planning lessons and doing my assignments....darn!! Went to e wedding extravanganza @ e expo during e weekend...and we were "swamped" with so many "proposals".!!.hehe....Just looking ard for a bit...trying to get e "feel" of how its like to be getting married. I'll leave it at that for now *winks*

Then school started as usual....and then suddenly found myself free for a whole day coz...blur me (& a couple of others) realised that lessons were postponed for e day...He happened to be free too (off day mah!!) ..and we "jumped" into e last minute JB plan..so head off there at abt 2pm...and traffic was a breeze...in less than half and hour we were smacked right in e middle of JB town!!...In e "kecohness" and "last-minute-ness" we actually forgot to top up e petrol till 3/4 tank!!...and lucky for us..no one checked and we escaped unnoticed..(sape duit minyak!!)..But...Once there..we suddenly had no idea where to head to....city square..angsana?? so in e end went to carefour and woah...did we have a ball there...!! Went grocery and toiletry shopping like never before...dumped all e stuffs one after another into e trolley..and He simply went bezerk!! Especially went we were at e section selling roasted chicken...freshly baked pastry etc....it was crazy...semua pun nak beli... he was going like" eh murahnye.....emmm..nampak sedapnye....murahnye..." at it goes on like that.By e time we were done our trolley was filled with nothing but FOOD and more food !! And judging by e kinda of junk we have it is so obvious that we are an unmarried couple.. simply bcoz of e lack of more "homely" stuffs like cooking oil..milk..rice...detergent etc...!! haha..
Think we shopped for more than an hour before we decided that we better stop...before we end up buying nonsensical stuffs just bc its cheap!! After that shared a plate of noodles at e foodcourt nearby, went to give my car a "snowash" this time tried out a new plc...not bad..my colt was sparkling clean inside out..beats washing it at s'pore anytime!!...Drove ard quite a bit..checking out interesting places to venture...Last stop of coz was fav burger ramly stall at stulang...its e best ramly burger ever....! Decided to pack it and eat it later for dinner...In all we were done by abt 7+...no where else to go in JB so went for a night picnic back in s'pre at fort road (our new fav hangout)...armed with bags and bags of junk!! (of coz didnt finish it all...what u think we glutton izit!!)...So that wraps up a rather fulfiling day i might say....I must say shopping at JB is supercheap..and really helps u save up those spare cash....definitely be back there for more.......

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Thursday, April 8


Mind boggling or boggled mind?


OMIGOD..!! That was my instantaneous reaction when i finally REMEMBERED!! When it all started becoming clear...You try help me solve the mystery with the "clues" in pink....

It all started while meeting up with my insurance agent at Parkway...We sat & chatted and i took out my i/c for her to do some admin work.....At the same time i was bz writing a check to pay for my car instalment. You know how it is when u r doing a few thngs at one time...its hard to recall what exactly u were doing...well that was what happened to me..Suddenly later in e evening at abt 8pm....i had this "feeling" that smthg of mine was missing...checked into my wallet and realised my I/C....... Its not there...its gone!!!
OK..ok...tried to calm myself down....think...think when was e last time i saw it ...of coz immediately i tot of the meeting w agent....tried to slow down my tots and recall whether i really put it back into my wallet......or my handbag...or did i leave it on e table( which was unlikely coz i'm not that careless)!!?? Called e agent..asked if she return me my i/c (which i was very sure she did)...den asked when i left....was the i/c left behind on e table???!!!...Apparently she was last to leave & she was sure that there was nothing left on e table...Starting to panic...where is it??? checked every inch of my wallet & handbag....even my car (though i dunno y)...Baffled.....I totally have to idea where i could have lost it....tried again & again to recall if i did put it into my wallet....blank...just couldnt remember.....Finally after much complaning of how leceh it is to make a police report & get a new i/c ....i've accepted that it must have dropped out somehow....some where in parkway...(coz that was my last stop before heading home)...

Lost??? as baffled as i was...then this was about all the information i could retrieve from my memory...and working with only this few "wishy-washy" clues and the incomplete picture of e whole thing...got me nowhere....!

But when u suddenly have access to ALL...crucial information ...in a split second...the mystery is solved!!!
Here's the missing piece of info:

Watched a movie on e cable....till about 11pm...den was just about to go on e net..when suddenly out of nowhere.......i REMEMBERED....the mystery unveils :when i reached home....my 2 bros wanted to use e car to go out..& i wanted them to help me collect this free camera....all they needed was to show the acknowledgement letter & MY I/C!!!!!!!!
So there it is...my i/c is safely in e hands of my bro.....I then realised how is it such a crucial sequence of event..... totally ..literally slipped my mind...as though it was erased from my memory for a while....and then out of nowhere it creeps back in...an i start to see the "light"...The mind is an amazing thing....and my memory is totally another story......i'm becoming miss scatterbrain...and perhaps this is ONLY e beginning of many tricks my mind will play on me......??????!!!!! God help me!

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Wednesday, April 7

* *

Today "master chef" alias hungry-monster...cooked up for me his white-sauce pasta! Was just mentioning dat it has been quite smtime since i last ate it (think was during e iftar 2003 at ana's)...yupz that long ago...so after ttn today we were supposed to go for a lite snack..and he surprised me with home-cooked...delicious pasta..yum...That was surprise no.1....next shock i had was e state of my house when i came back frm schl.....Finally e moving plans are finalised...didnt want to post anythin b4 coz e plns keep changing...We are not moving to kembangan...instead found a suitable house to rent just several houses away from ours...at terang bulan ave....! Very near...n quite comfty too..Will be moving at e end of this month. Then this old house will be demolished....I'm kinda feeling sad..coz i've lived here like forever and totally lurve dis plc....esp my bedroom...e view of the "trees" from my room...sigh....will miss e swing at e sides..where we gals hang out during sleepovers....remembered e "candle lite" dinner i had w my frenz & den my cuzs at e patio table in e front porch....*more memories flooding in*.....and most recently... celebrating new year's on e rooftop outside my bedroom window w my cuzs....Going to miss this house....really....

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Tuesday, April 6

* Presentation Jitters *

Update of my week.....this week is a week full of presentations for me...from the 3 minute impromptu "speech" for this UET module...to being film while i'm teaching for this thing called "microteaching"....Everyday i have a new presentation!!ARRgh....gotta say no matter how many times i've done presentations i still get e jitters before e actual thing...Teaching in front of students is easy....teaching in front of ur peers and professors is a totally different experience...Anyway tomorrow will be my "microteching" i'll be taped...and then will review e tape together and everyone will give comments on positive n negative points...the purpose is to help us "see" how we r like in front of e class...and help us improve to make teaching and learning effective.....*aargh*...can fill e elephants and wild beasys "rumbling" in my stomach!!!!

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Sunday, April 4


nostalgic sunday


Hmm...been such a lazy sunday...Woke up late again (by tini's sms telling me she not going for agama) n neither did I!!! ish...ish.....wonder whether era went?? Anyways, since he was working at 2pm went for brunch at e airport...U noe dat i tink its only in s'pore that people actually just go to e airport even if they are not travelling away on e planes...The food at e canteen has always been good n cheap...esp my fav popiah sambal..!! yumz....brought back memories of e old days..hheehe..and that was when all e nostalgic memories came "flooding" back.....*sigh*

So there we were..... talking abt some nostalgic moments we had in e airport during those "early days" of our r/s...and realised that we have been through so much together all this time......*awwww* !!(btw 2/3 was our 8 and 1/2 yr "anniversary")...
i noe sm think its lame to keep track of every month..but we still do...only e cards n presents etc are saved for the yearly ones..come to think of it...if we gave each other a card for every month...we'd have abt over 90 cards...!!

Back to our story....where was i...oh ya....The airport......Back then when we had our childish quarrels and when one of us storms away in anger we made a pact that whenever we r separated...if we want to find each other we'd meet at a special plc at e airport (back then no hps yet!).
.....And that one time...that one big fight we had...we refused to talk or meet each other for almost a week!! And i felt that maybe this was the turning point of our r/s....But fate seems to have other plans for us...*grins*..
That weekend... was our "anniversary" and we both happened to feel like spending the day.....at that special plc.. .I remembered somberely making my way there....feeling confused...frustrated and upset at everything that happened....And when i was there....was i shocked to see him ....with that faraway-gazed in his eyes...!!iI truly didnt expect him to be there..... or even remember that promise we had .....
At that very moment all anger just disappeared..... and we knew..... we were brought together again for a reason....and that perhaps we are meant to be together....
Of coz then later we burst in laughter at how "morose" and "flabbergasted" we looked when we saw each other...Apparently we both thought the other wouldnt come....

Yupz so there's a little part of my "love story" ......so dats why the airport definitely holds a special place in our hearts. We've decided that ..after we r married.... we would head off for our honeymoon to somewhere far away..... on a plane...from the same airport that brought us together...starting our new life together....It'll be a special day...a special moment... for us to leave on our new life journey .....from a place that holds many special memories......

P.S:So my darling frenz n cuzins...this is a cue..*ahem*...to start saving for our "costly" wedding gift!!..a sponsored honeymoon to hmm...perhaps australia...holland....new zealand...bali....ke??....anywhere beautiful that we can take a plane to,k.....!!
...(aik but not lame flights to KL..or bangkok hahaa....or even to Senai airport in JB...LOL!!!)

P.P.S: this was e song he sang for me ....during our first anniversary...describing his feelings during the "beginning" times before we were together......*grins*

You were there

I guess you heard, I guess you know
In time I'd have told you, but I guess I'm too slow.
And it's overly romantic but I know that it's real
I hope you don't you mind if I say what I feel.
It's like I'm in somebody else's dream,
This could not be happening to me.

But you were there, and you were everything I'd never seen.
You woke me up from this long and endless sleep.
I was alone.
I opened my eyes and you were there.

Don't be alarmed, no don't be concerned.
I don't want to change things
leave them just as they were.
I mean nothing's really different
It's me who feel strange.
I'm always lost for words when someone mentions your name.
I know I'll get over this for sure
I'm not the type who dreams there could be more.

But you were there, and you were everything I'd never seen.
You woke me up from this long and endless sleep.
I was alone.
I opened my eyes and you were there.

Can I take your smile home with me,
or the magic in your hair?

The rain has stopped, the storm has passed
Look at all the colors now the sun's here at last.
I supposed that you'll be leaving but I want you to know
Part of you stays with me even after you go.
Like an actor playing someone else's scene
This could not be happening to me.

But you were there, and you were everything I'd never seen.
You woke me up from this long and empty sleep.
I was alone.
I opened my eyes and no, I'm not alone, I'm not alone.
I opened my eyes and you were there.

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Saturday, April 3

* *

Had a last minute gal bonding session yesterday nite...since we couldnt think of where to go...we hanged out at effe's plc armed with BEN&JERRy's chocolate chip dough!!....basically spent e time teacher-talking...esp since tini is going thru her practicum...lots to share n complain... be strong tini...u can do it...effe too...One thing i couldnt relate too was their problems with e NT students...coz in maris stella high..its all express students. Thus e problems are different...But listening to them makes me appreciate my schl better (not that i'm confirm goin back there)...Mayb i'll stay on in MSH after all...hmmm...

After much talking...we decided to go and have supper at....jeng...jeng..jeng...Amirah's Grill...Since tini so...so wanna eat there...we just shared a main dish with e pita bread....continued more talk there while waiting for e food....oh ya....e plc is run my some turkish "brother" as they called themselves...and when e "waitress" served us food...she said "salam from the brothers in there"...haha...hmm....well to bad bros...we are all attached...so perhaps single ladies we wanna hook up with turkish bros....drop by there...and also.... e food is not too bad....('',)

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Thursday, April 1

* Episode II *

Guess what...tini is so going to go mad...beserk....I went to amirah's grill AGAIN!!Its officially amirah's grill episode II...!! hahaa.....Wasnt my call though...it was e hungry monster's!!!...he is so crazy over e pita bread w e dip...n keep telling me for e past few days dat he have been dreaming of e food there..talk about exaggerating.....he INSISTs we go there my hook or by crook b4 e end of e week!!!...So brought my bro naeem and their training buddy amin there for supper just now...I felt like a chaperone...w dis three "kiddos" around....haha..
I of coz couldnt bring myself to eat e same food again (not so soon)...so i tried something else from another stall...but couldnt resist "keceking" on e pita bread & dipw...yummy....sm pics will be up mayb tomorrow...now to tired....tom my lesson is at 8.30am!! Gotta go for my beauty rest.......e princess signs off ...nite nitez..*wink*

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